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Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by g1rge, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. g1rge

    g1rge Member

    Which of these are considered to be a Bookend Notes?


    Thanks in advance
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  3. GreatWalrus


    The second batch
  4. urbanchemist


    no actually ony the 2nd would be considered book end note. the last one is almost a radar. bookends usually go by the first and the last 3 of the serial 27120271. here is one i got from when i use to work at a bank. i have sold a bunch on ebay over the last few months or i would have more to post pictures of. here is a link to the actual post i made when i found it. i got the radar and the bookend. you can see a better picture there also.

  5. g1rge

    g1rge Member

    I Googled Bookend Note and this came up from an E-Bay Guide

    "Bookends occur when the same sequence of digits can be found at both ends of the serial number. For example, in the serial number 52194521, "521" is the sequence of digits occuring at both the beginning and end of the number and are called "bookends." Serial numbers 62043620 and 14555514 are bookend notes as is the example shown below (20516320)."

    There was also a link awhile back in one of the posts that described alot of different types of special serial #'s and I cannot find it again.
  6. urbanchemist


    as far as i am concerned and talking to a lot of other currency collectors they usually go by the first and last 3 numbers. but there are so many different interpretations of what people consider special serial #'s :) sometimes its can get a little out of hand honestly.
  7. g1rge

    g1rge Member

    I have to agree, I have about 50 singles sitting around with different
    Configurations and I'd like to really find out so I can dump the ones that aren't
    True bookends.
  8. BigHamp

    BigHamp New Member

    What about a bill that's 11124333? What is that considered?
  9. MEC2

    MEC2 Enormous Member

    For currency collectors, bookends are notes immediately adjacent a feature note - so, if you have a note that is an error, the note immediately preceding and subsequent to the note are bookend notes.

    I don't consider any of these notes here to be bookend notes. I mean criminey, how many does it take to be a sequence? Two? One? Humans sure act funny around numbers, love finding quirks and seeing patterns that are banal at best...
  10. notehunter494

    notehunter494 Member

    At the top the note starting with 08 and ending with 08 is a book end serial number which has nothing to do with book end notes. MEC2 is correct. The term is used mainly for a note of significance, usually due to an error that has the numerical next note before and after it. As in serial number sequence B55191820A, B55191821A and B55191822A where the note of significance is the note ending in 21. The 20 and 22 notes are the bookends.
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