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Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by icollectoldmoney, Jan 10, 2018.

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    It sounds like your best bet would be to decide what type of silver you like. That way you can enjoy this new hobby for yourself while you're still alive. Then, choose a time schedule of how often you purchase and either how much you will spend each time or what you buy each time. That way, your investment/collection will hopefully have minimal risk and will be better averaged out.

    For instance, suppose your collection will be government issued silver bullion. So, every two weeks you buy an ounce coin from your local coin shop. You should get lots of pleasue from collecting all sorts of coins and years. Then, by the time you croak, you have hundreds of ounces of silver to leave to someone.

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  3. icollectoldmoney

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    Yeah I was thinking about buying a ounce ever paycheck.
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  5. mpcusa

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    Buying generic silver for investing only, is your best bet ! i avoid buying anything graded as you have a tough time recouping those costs, for me i buy 10 OZ Johnson Matthey Bars, because of the manufacture you can easily get any premium back
    if your not in to Bars, ungraded ASE,S are a safe choice.
  6. icollectoldmoney

    icollectoldmoney ANA Member:3192499

    Ok thanks well I am going buy certified eagles for 2017,1995,1994.Then I will buy uncertified everything else.
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