Are you buying from Lynette Zang ? Due Dilligence on WHY to BUY ?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Brian Calvert, May 20, 2018.

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    Via her site ITM ? Do you listen to her podcasts ? How about Peter Schiff, Jim Rickard ? Going to the MATASII site ?

    As usual, not pumping any sites, just the places I visit to make sure I know the truth in the market, currencies, etc... Something of late, the Petroyuan, and now Europe has said they will use Euro's to purchase OIL from Iran.
    Edited : Political thus, that is why UAE, and the Saudi's have agreed to take other currencies for their oil, this is going to hurt the dollar more than anything in history and how much NEWS play does it get ? ZERO !

    On a tangent :

    I wouldn't mind buying some ones life long Coin Collection if a few thousand dollars would get me a nice one, worth what I pay for it, no more or less. Just blew it at a young age and think 53 is too late to start. Need a Setup, kicker to get in place and grow it. If I end up with a grandson, great thing to teach and pass down.

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