Anyone know symbol for silver spot price?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by ahearn, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. ahearn

    ahearn Member

    For iPhone, the Yahoo symbol for spot gold is XAUUSD=X but I've searched everywhere and can't find the symbol for silver (no, it's not XAGUSD=X as one might expect). Can anyone help?
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  3. borgovan

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  4. Morgan1878

    Morgan1878 For A Few Dollars More..

    I do the same...
  5. rockdude

    rockdude Coin Collector

    Same here, what's iphone? :smile
  6. WearyTraveler

    WearyTraveler Junior Member

    Silver ticker

    I wouldn't mind knowing that! I would love to put that in my AIM stock ticker...

    If anyone knows it, please publish!
  7. jallengomez

    jallengomez Cessna 152 Jockey

    Currently ZIZ09.cbt. Traded as a futures chain the number symbol changes.
  8. Argento

    Argento Perplexed

    Kitco also makes an iPhone application that is really the best tool there is for tracking spot prices for gold/silver/platinum/palladium
  9. Blueindian65

    Blueindian65 Member

    U can also go to during tradeing hours and get all the info. Should be easy to acess threw internet on the Iphone. You can see the option prices and the futures. Click on the Fork and spoon for sliver
  10. midas1

    midas1 Exalted Member

    I'd like to add the spot price for gold and silver to my stock symbols on my Yahoo! home page because I wouldn't have to keep the Kitco page open.

    which symbols for gold and silver should I use?
  11. ahearn

    ahearn Member

    Actually I do have the Kitco app, but it would be nice to have all my index prices, stock prices, currency rates, and gold/silver prices in one place -- the built-in Stocks app. I've got it all except for silver spot.

    The symbol for silver is XAUUSD=X However, XAGUSD=X looks like it might have used at a time when silver was $13, but it never updates.

    Again, anybody know the Yahoo symbol for silver?
  12. jallengomez

    jallengomez Cessna 152 Jockey

    Currently ZIZ09.cbt. Traded as a futures chain the number symbol changes.

    Read more:
  13. WearyTraveler

    WearyTraveler Junior Member

    I would like to add silver and gold spot to my stick ticker.

    I know that I can go to Apmex or Kitco and look at their web page, but I want to have just the ticker showing on my stock tracker.

    Does anyone have it?

    Thank you in advance.
  14. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    On my system, silver is /SI and gold is /GC

  15. Cloudsweeper99

    Cloudsweeper99 Treasure Hunter

  16. fatima

    fatima Junior Member

  17. colkid

    colkid New Member

  18. dan8802

    dan8802 New Member

    I also use the free Kitco app on my blackberry. I think its called "Kcast". it is great. you can view gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium. As well as base metals like copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, lead, uranium. also crude oil, and all world major indices. DJIA, NASDAQ, S&P 500, USD Index, NYSE, TSX, NIKKEI. Gold indices such as XAU, HUI, GOX, JSE Gold, Tsx Gold. Also london fix..

    For gold silver Platinum and palladium, you can view Graphs such as 24H, 3day, 30day, 60day, 6months, 1year, 5year, and 10year at the touch of a button.

    The app runs perfectly fast on my 2 year old blackberry pearl, I highly recomend it.
  19. fatima

    fatima Junior Member

  20. Taylor101

    Taylor101 New Member

    Silver on the periodic table is Ag(i think)
  21. two bits

    two bits New Member

    spot gold = $gold
    spot silver = $silver
    These are the stock market symbols. If followed by EOD, that means the spot price at End Of Day
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