2012 w Uncirculated $50 Gold Eagle~

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by JJK78, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    Greetings everyone~

    I haven't seen any threads about this so I figured I would start one! I bought 2 of the $50 uncirculated Gold Eagles from the mint, and of course the first 2 coins had imperfections which were fairly obvious (marks in the field to the right of Lady Liberty). I was none to happy about this so I decided to take advantage of the Mints return policy which I had never done before...

    I must say although the return process worked, it is very strange that they don't just exchange, but rather refund and re-charge for returned items... Normally this is not a big deal but for the fact that these coins cost about $3700, and the refund takes up to 7 days to post back to your account, while the new charge goes through immediately~ YIKES! Well this dropped my bank account down to about $200 on the day my 2012 San Fran sets were supposed to get charged/ship. So a mild panic attack and a few phone call later and all was good, but it got the ol' blood pressure up for sure... All-in-all Although the process cost me a bit more money due to return shipping, I still think they did a pretty good job. It dosen't happen around here often so I just wanted to publicly pat the mint on the back~

    Anyway got my 2 replacement coins and they are beautiful! I actually already sent them off to PCGS in hopes of a few 70's~ Also sent in two 2006 Silver Eagle reverse proofs too so we will see if i'm any good at pickin out 70's very soon!

    Anyway all I have is an iphone so the pics aren't that great, but wanted to post 'em anyway

    2012w$50Obverse.jpg 2012w$50Reverse.jpg
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  3. Cloudsweeper99

    Cloudsweeper99 Treasure Hunter

    They look nice! :yes:
  4. silverfool

    silverfool Active Member

    I went thru the mints weird recharge then credit for returns with a proof ASE. kinda annoyed me and I called them about it. got a blah, blah, blah response. I like the Wunc gold also but get the 1/2oz ones. they have done much better aftermarket so far.
  5. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    Unfortunatly they don't do the fractional W Unc gold coins anymore, just the 1oz... I do have some of the 2006-2008 UNC series as well although I missed out on the 2011 w 1oz~ Oh well... Dosen't seem like very many people like them though. I don't mind as it is keeping the mintages low :)
  6. TsutoyaRei

    TsutoyaRei New Member

    At least you've two very beautiful replacement coins. :D
  7. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    Well apparently my replacement coins were not good enough and neither are my grading skills as all 4 of the coins I sent in graded 69 and i'm f-ing ****ed about it~ What a racket. Can't wait to get my grades back on the 2012 SF sets I sent in :rolleyes:
  8. MrCheeks

    MrCheeks Member

    It seems to be awfully hard to get a 70 on anything unless you're a large dealer. I can feel your frustration though.
  9. mill rat41

    mill rat41 Member

    Is there a noticeable difference in these and the bullion version (besides the mintmark)?
  10. JJK78

    JJK78 Member

    Yes these have a burnished finish
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