2011 ASE 25th Anniversary Set (A25) - Order thread

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by BullionBully, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. BullionBully

    BullionBully New Member

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  3. PezDspncr

    PezDspncr Newly Obsessed

    Order #: 38324XXX - 5 Sets
    Order placed 12:02 pm
  4. colligoergosum

    colligoergosum I collect, therefore I am

    So does that mean they've sold around 38,000 sets so far?
  5. BullionBully

    BullionBully New Member

    Here's another order:

    Order #: 38332XXX - 5 Sets
    Order placed: 12:47 PM
  6. BullionBully

    BullionBully New Member

    More or less 35-40k sold now, that's taking into account people who bought less then 5 as well. At this rate, in less then an hour @35-40k, it might get sold out by tonight. After all, this is only the second set they have release and a lot of hype. I'm just a spectator that plans on keep a few sets and flipping the rest.
  7. downlow

    downlow Collection Collector

    Placed order (single)
    Refreshed many times during checkout
    Got 2 different order numbers:
    No idea what to do
    cannot get into site to check account or order history....
  8. Siwash

    Siwash Senior Member

    It's 1 p.m. EASTERN time, noon here in Illinois. I dialed and dialed, lots, since I like the direct contact and knowing definitely I ordered the damn thing. Never got through; must've dialed 70 times. The creaking slow internet finally worked for me just ten minutes ago. I ordered ONE, with a number of 38335xxx.

    Hope it's worth it. I sold some junk and clutter on ebay over the past month or so to fund this bunch of silver. I had less difficulty ordered the Lincoln Chronicles set. You'd think they'd hire an inbound phone center for a day or two.
  9. goldmember

    goldmember Junior Member

    Order #38324XXX _5 sets
    Order placed at 12:03
  10. justndav76

    justndav76 Member

    finally got my order to go through at noon cdt. i was logged in and everything ahead of time, didn't help. numerous server crashes, no response, freezing in the middle...yada yada yada. almost gave up and said F$%$% it! but then one of the orders went through. just one set...
    order# 38334XXX
  11. Siwash

    Siwash Senior Member

    I don't know US Mint euphemisms, but my receipt says "backordered." Anyone know what this really means? Slow shipment, or is this that I'm in line, should some sets get returned?
  12. goldmember

    goldmember Junior Member

    Looks like 11,000 orders in the first hour. I still think these are sold out this afternoon, before 5 EST.
  13. Azpatriot

    Azpatriot New Member

    Order #: 38324xxx - Order date: 10/27/11

    3 sets here
  14. justndav76

    justndav76 Member

    also its neat to post the order #'s and all, but just counting the order #'s by themselves won't give you a tremendous clue as to how many sets have sold. and when you take into account numerous orders are going to have the max of five, i think its easy to see they are likely approaching or exceeding half the stock already.
  15. Siwash

    Siwash Senior Member

    I agree with this, but dislike the US Mint allowing so many (5) sets sold per person! This is a big country, with many people, and this is a relatively small production. Five maximum really means, buy a couple for yourself, sell the others to help fund your purchase, for many.
  16. BullionBully

    BullionBully New Member

    It's normal, my ATB orders back then said the same thing. I'm pretty sure your in it so don't worry. When it says "wait list" then your on the... wait list. lol
  17. bpmapastel

    bpmapastel Junior Member

    Ordered by phone at about 9:55 PDT.
    Order# 38333xxx- 5 sets
  18. avr5700

    avr5700 Member

    Same here @ 12:01; the email with number was even stamped 12:00, so I was somewhere in the first minute!
  19. stoster38

    stoster38 Member Supporter

    Just got my order. Wasn't sure if I was going to make it or not before the sets sold out. I had a meeting at 9am PST and so missed the kickoff time. It took me about 30 to 40 minutes of trying on the website and on the phone to finally place my order. Prior to me ordering I received a couple emails from online coin dealers basically offering to pay me extra to order sets and then sell it to them.

    I understand that because of the 5 set limit that they are trying to get more sets to sell but I have to agree with Siwash. With only 100,000 being sold and such a big country I felt that I needed to give other people a chance to get a set as opposed to me buying extra sets and selling them. I understand that it's going to happen anyway but I hope that at least one more person gets a set because I decided not to buy any extra sets to sell for just profit.

  20. JimOfOakCreek

    JimOfOakCreek Member

    I still can't get thru via phone or Web. I've benn trying since 11:00AM CDT
  21. lubelizard

    lubelizard New Member

    Started at 1201pm via website, lots of time outs. Finally think I completed the order minutes ago. Received a confirmation email, so I'm going to recheck my account in a little while to make sure everything is good to go. The website is totally jammed up. I wouldn't be surprised if it sells out today or tomorrow.
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