1950 Wheat Cent Weighing 2.78 Grams

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by RabbiSchmooley, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Alright guys, last one for the night. This 1950 Wheat Cent weighs in at a whopping 2.78 grams, and doesn't appear to have any major damage or erosion to account for the missing weight (except for a small chip out of the rim on the reverse). Does anybody have an opinion or insight to offer? Please, before I get the standard "research your coin" responses, I have been trying to find reference for underweight 1950 wheat pennies on my phone for 2 hours and have gotten nowhere. Everything keeps coming up "1944 wheat cent" or "1944 steel cent" and that is clearly not applicable here.
    20210118_203601.jpg 20210118_203620.jpg 20210118_203944.jpg
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  3. Danomite

    Danomite What do you say uh-huh Supporter

    Can you post an edge picture of a normal weight wheat with this coin together?
  4. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Yup i just got to sort through my stash to find another 1950 lol 1 sec
  5. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    Your not going to find reference for just 1950 Cents..
    Underweight because struck on thin planchet could occur on any Copper Cent before 1983. But most are within tolerance. I showed you 2 examples of out of tolerance Cents. Those are rarer to find.

    Some information -

    It goes for all denominations.
  6. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Here ya go
  7. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Yes you did show me 2 examples. And I still don't get it. Whatever it is you're trying to impart to me, I'm missing it. According to the mint literature I am reading, tolerance is +/- 0.13 grams. That makes a healthy copper coin between 2.98 and 3.24 grams right? And the planchets appear to be the same thickness (see pictures above). So where am I going wrong? Or at what point do I just assume it's nothing like you keep telling me?
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  8. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Also, I feel I should clarify: I am trying to figure out exactly what I'm looking at, whether it is just a thin planchet or something else, so that I have a physical example to study and learn from so I can identify them in the future. I have a learning disability, so I apologize that it takes me a while, probably longer than others, to understand. I promise I am trying my best.
  9. JeffC

    JeffC Never buying coin tubes with pull-off caps again. Supporter

    Is the bottom one the 1950? It seems a bit thinner.
  10. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Can you clarify what's going on in that second photo? It looks like there's a notch that's deeper than the rim, and goes all the way through the coin, but there's no sign of it in the first (obverse) shot?

    ...oh, never mind, I see that there's a little loop of fabric overlapping the coin there. That was confusing!

    0.2 grams isn't much underweight. I agree that the cent doesn't look eroded. Maybe a slightly thin planchet?
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  11. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Casual Collector / error expert "in Training "

    It's a penny, spend it : cropped-letting-go-open-hands.jpg
  12. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

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  13. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    I appreciate the input. I just want to be able to identify these in the wild. Either a) so i dont waste my time on them or b) so I can keep accurate record in my training album.
  14. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Casual Collector / error expert "in Training "

    Maybe I should just close my account ?
  15. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Really dude?
  16. thomas mozzillo

    thomas mozzillo Supporter! Supporter

    @RabbiSchmooley. I realize you're new to the hobby and want to learn (as we all do) so I'm just pointing out that this issue has been discussed more than once on Coin Talk. Here's an old thread: https://www.cointalk.com/threads/1958-wheat-cent-underweight.273159/
    It may be helpful if you read the thread. The OP posted this coin:
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  17. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    Yes that would be an answer.. But that could include circulation wear that affects the weight.

    ok :hilarious:

    Your questions are excellent but the answers are so simple. I really don't know what else to share with you.
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  18. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    Not the best thread to share with all the back and forth bickering but it was a good laugh!
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  19. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    That was a very... enlightening thread. Lots of newbie bullying. There was a little bit of helpful information but it was mostly just watching what I can only assume is grown adults acting like school children. It did answer some of the questions I had though so it was worth the read.
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  20. Diogenes Diaz

    Diogenes Diaz Active Member

    Grown adults acting like children--hmm you do get that around here but ignore them and concentrate on the ones that wanna share their knowledge cause they are passionate about their hobby--if you look online the biggest complaint is that a few people here think that they are comedians and that's sad
  21. RabbiSchmooley

    RabbiSchmooley Active Member

    Agreed. That is the recurring theme I see about these forums. It is difficult to ignore it though, especially when you came to learn and it seems based on the comments that everyone just wants you to crawl back in your cave and go away. I mean I have a learning disability from some botched brain surgeries that makes it incredibly difficult to learn anything new, but I came here to learn anyway hoping that people would be pleasant enough to not make me feel like an idiot all the time. About 50% have been very helpful and understanding and helped me learn what I have, and I'm honored that Fred Weinburg has taken the time to respond to some of my posts, but the other 50% have just been jerks that act like I'm some punk who doesn't do any research and I'm wasting their time. And they do so love to be offended.

    I have been exploring some of the other forums and this one is the most user friendly as far as the layout goes but definitely the least person friendly.
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