Oct 3, 2012
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    1. jello
      ? When I log in to my hotmail address..
      Is that you saying hello? I would write the name but. Not here.
    2. jello
      Both John!!!! Its a long story so I won't go into that! just look for my name---->> Angelo D Macero III <<<<<on Facebook then you ask me to join that all
    3. fretboard
      Oh, alright you're a shredder. Right on, you got any nice old guitars you trying to sell? Did you used to play a Kramer or were you strictly a BC Rich man? I played for years and years, still do but my back is giving me too much pain so I gotta take it easy. Getting older sucks like there's no tomorrow. :D
    4. fretboard
      Oh, I almost forgot about your Beavis & Butthead rock & roll!! Good one!
    5. jello
      Go read my pg
      or just click on my sig were us+world coin4sale
      that should take ya to pg if no+>
      also John tweet if u do or can @jelloman1950
    6. jello
      :thumb:Ck out The For Sale 1878 -1964 all but 4-5 Pcgs.or Ngc.graded. About. Red book price. There not mine I am not get cent just helping a boy hood b. Buddy out
    7. John14
    8. jello
      hey buddy thanks for the like!!
      if you want to know??other 90% Pm me if u get free tx
    9. LionelR
      A quick note that I enjoyed your albums - quite a collection!
      Best regards,
    10. flyers10
      Sorry. I haven't logged on in a while. Love it. Thanks!
    11. jello
      :yes:Same here!!!
      @ times I wounder why I even come here anymore John!!! as I could got to N/S Private Forum.
      But young buddy s like you and a few more. but it was not always like this here ,that the only reason I put up with the B+S Pranks
    12. jello
      thank you!
    13. Ripley
      Yeah they did. A nice come back, for the boys. :yes:[IMG]
    14. The Beatles
      The Beatles
      Ha! That's great! I wish there was a 'like' button for visitor messages!
    15. WRSiegel
      I can see it now! Thank you, those two are the same sizes as my dogs haha :)
    16. -Mikey-
      Good luck at the Dr. Today!
    17. Beavicus
      Very nice! I always wanted to dress up like a legionary and go as "Beavicus" for Hallowe'en...
    18. BradM1989
      yea a little crazy but i like it very cool site
    19. juantrillo
      Thanks John.
      Happy new year to you and your family.
    20. mrweaseluv
      both very cute :D
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    I am definitely a coin hoarder. Only collect, never sell. I’m very knowledgeable in the area of numismatics, but still recognize that there is so much more to learn; and I always welcome input from others. *Still in the process of taking photos of my collection, this could take months! LOL Been taking photos of new coins coming in, so bare with me. - I firmly believe coin collecting should be fun and that people should collect what they like, and not let others tell them how to collect.

    I’m 35, got divorced a couple years ago and have sole custody of my son who has autism. Caring for a special needs child is hard at times, but truly a labor of love. With help from my mom, and family; I consider myself truly blessed! I am actively involved in autism charities, and sports / programs for special needs children. - My avatar is a photo of my son.

    SILVER! - US, German, foreign silver coins, interesting silver rounds, and demented / dark themed hobo nickels.