Oct 3, 2012
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    1. green18
      Haven't seen ya in quite a spell dear fellow. Hope all is well with you and the family.
      1. xGAJx likes this.
    2. jello
      1977 Canadian toned cent. Plus a few more date that came out of that mini hoard of world coins l sent .
      Buy my friend son who passed in late 2012.
    3. jello
      Hey buddy wait to you see the next Canadian cent I pull out today 1977
      Blue Red + Green Bu toner.
    4. jello
      John I am getting too old to fool with all the junk. Facebook you get offers from all over the world @ anytime. So I plan to shut it down slow.
    5. jello
      John I hate to to tell how much my 2 New 10c cost. Shipping was more than both. 2.50. 1@ 1.66 + #2 .85c .
      I got One good honey hole since I closed jellomart that name added bidders. Why Ask Why?
    6. jello
      That is Very Good to hear back pain is One thing U Di not keep check!
      I am ok .
      Mower is dead Bollen tractors lifetime is short. New one Monday & Not a Bollen!!!!!
    7. jello
      I hope your back is doing better!!!
    8. jj00
      Hi John,
      Saw your post on the $20 Canadian Wolf, nice shot, broke down & ordered one.
      Your 1987 Canadian dollar (Davis Strait) has to be one of my all time favourites though, but then I've not looked at all your photos I could change my mind!
    9. jello
      John I know your a few years younger but Do Not work yourself to near dead. I think if had cut down my work hours 2003 would not have been the end of Work Days.
      I also know its hard out there just do not work your self the a early end like Me.
      Glad to see ya back!!!!<^>
    10. jello
      Thank You John! Wow. */*
    11. kbabyjohnson01
      Howdy John! How's the back?
    12. TheNickelGuy
      Great to hear but EASY does it at work. I am sure they know you are suffering so. Happy holiday.
    13. TheNickelGuy
      Hope you are feeling OK. I have read your posts about your painful back. Just thought I'd let you know that I wish you better days ahead with this.
    14. jello
      :thumb:I hear ya just when you think not a thing is wrong 1 more thing happens but I am sure you can get thing worked out!
    15. jello
      How is your Back doing???
    16. John14
      Look at the coin... You are getting sleepy....:yawning: You must click this link...:zzzzzz: .... You must look at these cool Comic Book Character Hobo Nickels...:ohya: When I snap my fingers you will wake... "Snap"... :nice-smile:
    17. jello
      Thanks Buddy!!! talk later I got do some paper work on a few coins that sold!!!
    18. xGAJx
      I just liked 100 of your posts, I started running out of posts to like!!! That took forever lol. Now you have 1009 posts and 1010 likes.

    19. jello
      I am a big SyFy fan to but all the new stuff is mostly Dumb reality shows. But this a few I do like warehouse 13,lost girl continuum+Alphas
      but there a few new real show 4/1
    20. jello
      :thumb:Now if my son will call or tx he Played a show in Memphis Tn last night the Band mates got @ him are @ 2 different places + all phone are low on battery power:devil:
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    I am definitely a coin hoarder. Only collect, never sell. I’m very knowledgeable in the area of numismatics, but still recognize that there is so much more to learn; and I always welcome input from others. *Still in the process of taking photos of my collection, this could take months! LOL Been taking photos of new coins coming in, so bare with me. - I firmly believe coin collecting should be fun and that people should collect what they like, and not let others tell them how to collect.

    I’m 35, got divorced a couple years ago and have sole custody of my son who has autism. Caring for a special needs child is hard at times, but truly a labor of love. With help from my mom, and family; I consider myself truly blessed! I am actively involved in autism charities, and sports / programs for special needs children. - My avatar is a photo of my son.

    SILVER! - US, German, foreign silver coins, interesting silver rounds, and demented / dark themed hobo nickels.