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Sep 27, 2021
Jun 14, 2009
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December 5
Northern Illinois
architectural fabricator

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Novice collector, from Northern Illinois

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Sep 27, 2021
    1. Hunt1
      Hey chip,

      Just wanted to say thanks for posting your blog entries, they are very interesting :)
    2. cwtokenman
      Hello Chip,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes a while back. It has been a few weeks since I checked in and I just read your message. It was a great day, passing the time at Cedar Point riding all of the roller coasters.
    3. 50cent
      sup chip
    4. fretboard
      Top poster! Wow, very impressive and you seem like such a low profile type!:D That's a great looking coin Avatar, looking good! :thumb:
      Thanks ! Chip I have not cleaned anything yet.
      I thought I would get someone who really knows what there talking about before I ruin them.... with a solution.
      There is no one in my area of the country that knows much about real coin collecting.
      I was thinking to maybe somehow get to a coin show when there available.. Still checking that out ! I'm from Eastern Canada.

      Thanks for the helpful tip though....
    6. jaceravone
      Thanks buddy. My birthday is actually tomorrow, but with the time still messed up on the site, it says it is today. LOL! I guess i get to celebrate two days!!!
    7. macliam
    8. fishaddicit
      I do appreciate it. It was memorable, found 6 RPM's. Good enough for me. Thanks again
    9. randygeki
      Thanks alot :D
    10. Treashunt
      got it yesterday, thanks!

      Sotty I was busy & Forgot.
    11. Modern Commens
      Modern Commens
      Hi Chip: How's things? I posted a question about silver eagles today. Check it out. See if you can help me with it. Thanks.
    12. alkuan
      Good advice Chip. Yeah, getting a handle on these is my project for this year and you have a point on what to keep, I am sure it will limit what I plan to keep.
    13. Modern Commens
      Modern Commens
      Sorry chip. I wanted to go to one of the threads that I saw. Glad to hear that you are well and working. Wish i was.
    14. tmoneyeagles
      LOL! And never mind just looked and somebody did right a thread! :D
      Thanks again
    15. tmoneyeagles
      Thanks Chip! ;)
      One would think with all the birthday threads that people make that in the general discussion forum, that they would make one for me too. I guess not
      Thanks for the birthday wishes, means a lot!
    16. Treashunt

      how about 347.

      Thanks for the contest.
    17. T.cavello
      Thanks Chip, Merry Xmas.I have a nice selection of bust halfs.They are great looking coins.My Xmas present was 2 1804 1/2 cents.My first ever.
    18. jerryquinn
      Thanks. I knew there was more silver in some coins after 1964, but I didn't know which coins.
    19. Modern Commens
      Modern Commens
      Sorry. There is a mistake in my message. I left out the word 'not'. I should have said 'I do 'not' possess the savvy.....
    20. Modern Commens
      Modern Commens
      ericd@sbcglobal.netThanks Chip. Seems like great advise. I have bought 3. The Travers 'Survival Manual' (still reading it) and both the R and B books. I do possess the savvy to really make an attempt to make any money from what I am purchasing so I am doing this because I enjoy owning and looking at the coins. I have purchased a few overpriced things (the Morgan dollars mostly, I had not yet bought Travers' book) so I decided to back off from the Morgans for the moment. I have searched the web for close to or better than Blue Book pricing for most of my sets and acquired most from 'reputable' online (Hallenbeck, East Texas) dealers when I can and some of the more rare (see costlier) ones like the 1999 and 2001 silver proof sets on ebay ( the dealer prices for those sets ranged from a low of about $250 to a high of $450. The auction deals were much better than what the dealers were offering so I took the chance. Thanks again for the greeting.
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    December 5
    Northern Illinois
    architectural fabricator
    Veteran USN 71-75

    coins, comics, family


    E Pluribus FUN!
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