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    I can't remember what I bought them at but I bought 100 Walkers the day they came out, were on sale or something. Anyway, took me a a couple months to unload them 2-3 at a time on eBay. But when I was done I had doubled my money and i will always take that. I'm def glad I got out of buying them now though don't care much for the designs. I kept 5 Walkers just incase these decide to get more valuable.
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  3. When they first came out, you could get the Walkers direct from Provident for .99 for 100. But after that the copper series went to 1.39 then 1.69.
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    Looks good.
  5. Michael Angell

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    I've been stocking up on these trying to get a whole set. I've purchased 40 of each and plan to sell 35 sets on Ebay and keep 5 for myself. Anyone have an idea how much a complete set will sell for once the set is complete? I know the Walkers, Morgue Annes, and Buffalos are getting quite the premium on Ebay right now.....I'm just wondering how much the entire set will go for. I'm thinking a $349.99 set price...Maybe more.

    Any thoughts?
  6. In my opinion, as I look into my crystal beach ball, the market for Zombucks will cool off. If you were around for the sports trading card market back in the 90's, you might remember the market going from super hot to super not. I have a few silver and copper sets myself, just because I like the novelty factor, and compared to the other Zombie coins that have popped up, Provident's look a lot nicer. I think once the Zombie fad wears off and silver prices continue to adjust downward, Zombucks will command a slightly higher price than the silver bullion price. My prediction... a year after the final issue is released, you'll be able to buy a complete silver Zombucks set for between $190 and $250. Then again...
  7. FYI, For those that were asking about my home made displays, they're on the bay.
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    I wonder if this design is going to double down to cover all seated series. It looks like it would do the job for the Gobrecht style seated Liberty too.

    I think I'll be in for 10 of these. I was getting 2 of each design, lately it's been 5, but I really like this one so I may spring for 10 of these.

    Almost there guys, just 2 more coins to go after this one!
  11. treylxapi47

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    Here's the next design for anyone not wanting to read the blog about it

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    I think its pretty nice, one of the better ones in the series.
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    They should have done a Standing Liberty Quarter version. They could have called it the double breasted zombie buck (have both breast showing on the coin/round).
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    Here it is http://www.providentmetals.com/zombucks-starving-liberty-silver-round.html
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    Ohh ok... yeah that would be a novelty.
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    ordered mine yesterday....:cool:
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    Me too. :snaphappy:
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