WTB: Zombucks, any and all!

Discussion in 'Want Lists' started by Tinpot, May 17, 2015.

  1. Tinpot

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    Bumping for price increases on all silver zombucks!

    B.U. Silver Walker, paying $1050 per roll.
    B.U. Silver Morgue Anne, paying $530 per roll
    B.U. Silver Murk Diem, paying $440 per roll
    B.U. Silver Feast Dollar, paying $430 per roll
    B.U. Silver The Barber, paying $420 per roll
    B.U. Silver Zombuff, paying $415 per roll
    B.U. Starving Liberty, paying $415 per roll

    B.U. Copper Walker Zombucks, paying $60 per roll.
    B.U. Copper Morgue Annes, paying $30 per roll.

    (prices may change if spot drops considerably)

    If you are interested in buying from me, I have silver morgue annes and zombuffs for sale, I also have copper zombuffs, barbers, starving liberty and slayed dollars for sale. Pm me for pricing.

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