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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Seascape, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. Seascape

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    I got kicked out of the house earlier so the ole lady could clean. So i headed straight to the coin shop. Unfortunately i have been spending alot of money on colonials and have some offers out there that hopefully work out for me. So i just did some chit chatting. I also did something that hiddendragon has had me thinking about for a while. I checked out the junk bin. It looked pretty picked thru to me but whatever. I asked for a bag. I just picked off the top at a few that looked cool.... than scooped up a couple hand fulls. 13 bux. I think the price was 9.00 lb.

    I didn't have as many as i thought when i got home and dumped them out. But here is a few i pulled aside for no other reason than i like them.

    If you see anything you like....let me know and its yours.

    20210904_144251.jpg 20210904_144218.jpg 20210904_144251.jpg 20210904_144251.jpg 20210904_144218.jpg 20210904_141423.jpg 20210904_141418.jpg 20210904_141412.jpg 20210904_141408.jpg
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  3. Hiddendragon

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    Glad I could inspire you and I hope you had fun. It looks like more modern stuff. Junk bin contents vary widely depending on the shop. I really want to visit some new ones to see what they have.
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  4. Seascape

    Seascape U.S. & World Collector

    Knowing my coin shop they filled that 15 years ago and i just scraped from the last 3/4 of an inch of the bottom. They're all hardcore U.S. guys. Lately i was talking with one of them and they spilled the beans why they have such a large world inventory. Basically it was all acquired at once. At least to begin with. I know they buy sell and trade world as much as they're customers need. But i bet that junk bin is the remnants of that initial acquisition.
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