YUNNAN Yunnanfu Mint Empire Coin

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    I have had this coin in my collection for as long as I can remember (at least 30 years) and I do not know of its worth. Of course, you first have to ID the coin before its worth can be determined.

    So, here is what I know so far.

    It seems by the reverse it was minted in the Boo Yon Yun Mint in Yunnanfu YUNNAN, China.
    It appears to be made of cast bronze.
    There is a square hole in the middle.
    I know that two of the characters on the obverse (the ones to the right and left of the square hole) are translated as: T'ung pao
    I have since learned that the two characters above and below the square hole are translated Jia Qin.

    I have read up on the coinage of China and realize that there can be many varieties of coins, especially rebel issues. I also know that, in at least recent years, many facimilies have been produced for coins of this period. Since I have had this coin for many years, I am thinking it is more original than not.

    It does not seem to be associated with the Emperor Kuang-hsu, however, I will gladly be wrong.

    If there is anything you can share about this coin, I will be much appreciative. I am trying to get an image posted as soon as I can to assist anyone who can help ID the coin. Thanks! :)
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