Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by papermoney54, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. papermoney54

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  3. coinmaniac14

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  4. Coinsnake

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    I like that 1885 CC GSA video. That's my next purchase! Gonna pull the trigger in a couple days.
  5. coinmaniac14

    coinmaniac14 Member

    Thanks and awesome!... Do you have a youtube channel?
  6. Coinsnake

    Coinsnake MorganMan

    No, I don't make coin videos right now. I have a 1 yr. old & he takes all my free time. I'm lucky if I can open my safe & look at my coins once in a while! Maybe someday.....
  7. papermoney54

    papermoney54 Coin Collector

    hey congrats
  8. coinmaniac14

    coinmaniac14 Member

    Oh well your son is more important anyway but maybe you'll get to it when he's older and hopefully gets interested.
  9. Coinsnake

    Coinsnake MorganMan

    Thanks guys. I'm going to try to influence his choice in which hobbies to become interested in. I already started a collection for him. Sorry I got your thread off topic. I'll be watching all of your videos shortly.
  10. LostDutchman

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  11. OldSilver

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    haha you know me octavio but!
  12. splintercellsz

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