Yet Another Example of Incredible Generosity!

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Johndakerftw, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Johndakerftw

    Johndakerftw Mr. Rogers is My Hero

    Hi everyone,

    I hope all is well!

    I should have made this post a lot sooner and I apologize. I’ve been busy trying to learn how to be a secretary for a Christian music festival in our town. Btw, Anybody have any tips on how to make taking minutes easier? I’m having a horrible time with it so far lol.

    Anyway, @Cucumbor and @Deacon Ray sent me some wonderful Christmas and New Years’ gifts. Man, I’m so humbled and amazed by the generosity of this community. Everyone takes care of each other and no one is left out. Way to go, all! If only the rest of the world would catch on.

    Deacon Ray sent me his awesome Judaean collection poster which I have been enthralled with. It now hangs in my living room, above my TV. (Sorry about the sideways pic, I’m on my phone right now.) I aspire to have a collection like Deacon Ray’s someday.


    The good Deacon also sent me some coins from our good friend, @John Anthony.

    761D8EC4-48ED-4560-A7D6-56453C326BD7.jpeg 5B73E083-AB9C-43A0-A6E9-966CF0A2CD2B.jpeg

    I’m a huge fan of interesting portraits. So naturally, I love the bug eye on Constantius Gallus.

    Thank you, Deacon Ray!! I’m so happy with my Christmas gifts!

    Cucumbor messaged me in the early days of the new year and said that he had some coins for me. A Constantine campgate and a Valens and Valentinian with Chi Rhos.

    I have a small collection LRBs with Chi Rhos and these are wonderful additions.

    F41F6032-A074-48AD-93B6-D3123C4E8287.jpeg 0D3E81C7-A92B-46EE-9F61-CBA5CEAF1C95.jpeg

    As we know, each coin carries with it its own story. I’m thankful to now be the caretaker of these stories.

    Thank you so much, Deacon Ray and Cucumbor!! As with every gift I receive, I will cherish these.

    Again, I say thank you to everyone for the knowledge, time, resources gifts of coins and thoughts that you share with each other. It’s truly astounding!

    Now, to break up the mushiness, here’s Richard Simmons grooving with the of Star Trek crew:


    Stay lit, y’all!

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  3. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member for you Erin....very nice & and thoughtful of those two great members! bless you :)
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    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    Man, this forum is THE BEST!!! :cat:
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