Yesterday - Met the koolest little kid

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Brian Calvert, Aug 4, 2017.

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    My daughter is five.. and I've been collecting since before she was born. She has taken a liking to the silver dollars... Peace, Morgan...etc. now she's a little older she can pick out what she wants. So far she's gotten two of the Bronze Spouse Medals and a 74 silver Ike. Her first coin she ever got was a 2013 D Lincoln cent in a PCGS sample slab. One of the dealers gave it to her at the 2013 Baltimore-Whitman coin show as we were leaving. She was a year and a half old at the time.
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    It's been a while and she doesn't post anymore but the youngest I can specifically recall was age 5, her mom was also a member. Because of her age and because she showed a profound interest in coins with her posting, with her mom's permission, I sent her a gold ducat for her collection. I mean if you're gonna collect everybody's gotta have at least 1 gold coin - right ? :)

    Well, as a way of saying thanks, I was honored to receive pictures, printed pictures not digital, of her with her gold coin and more of her at her first coin show. Along with a hand made thank you card. All of which still retain a treasure spot in my photo albums.

    On another note, our YNs as well as many of our current adult members are likely unaware that at one point we even had a moderator who was a teenager. I'm sure many of our long time members will remember him, his name was Speedy. I was proud to be his mentor and teacher from the time he was about 8 years old, several years before CT even existed. He's a grown man now with his own family.
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    Good stuff; nice uplifting thread. :)
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    Oh we get our share of obliviots, idiots, and trolls (OI&T). But anything that really crosses the line gets smacked pretty hard.

    As for run-of-the-mill OI&T? That's what ignore is for. Honestly some of these threads become quite funny if you've ignored the idiots/trolls and just watch people arguing back and forth with themselves over something you don't see.
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    Very nice idea. I remember when my older brother came home and showed me an odd coin he got in his change from the NYC Subway in 1963. It was thicker than a normal Lincoln Cent with a brownish beige coloring and an Indian on it.
    It was an 1863 Indian Cent and after seeing that coin I was hooked. I was 10 years old.


    I forgot to tell you that i still have that coin and it looks the same as it did from 1963. What a great memory!
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  8. Granted, i just joined this forum, but i would imagine the most risque a conversation would get around here would be a discussion about the bare breasted Standing Liberty quarter...
  9. Burton Strauss III

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    That one is a myth. There are no contemporaneous discussions about the change being because of her partial nudity, rather Lady Liberty needed the protection of chain mail as she strode boldly out to protect America.
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    True, the supposed controversy in 1916-17 is largely mythical, but I believe he was referring to present-day conversation about the type.

    (And yeah, that's about as risque as things get around here. I had a post removed once when I posted one of those "naughty" 19th century alterations on a large cent, where some Civil War-era perv had changed the spelling of the word CENT on the reverse. Some of you will know the kind of re-engraving I'm talking about. That one did not pass muster with CT censorship, and I'm OK with that.)
  11. Brian Calvert

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    I seen him the other day. Figured he would have posted by now... hmmmm...
  12. Cazkaboom

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    Heyoo. 22 Now, been off the forums for a while. My collecting has switched to guns and ammo.
    I'll stop by every now and then just to see what's up though. I miss all y'alls!
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  13. Kentucky

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    Hey, Caz, always good to hear from you. All the best wishes from all of us on CT.
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