YEA!! 100.00 Bill Error

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Lather, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    So I got it in the Mail.. Total Price 107.50
    I think I may turn this one around for profit if anyone can give me a rough
    Thanks .. Man that took a while to ship from Turkey .

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  3. krispy

    krispy krispy

    Congrats! So since you have the note in hand, what grade would you give it?

    Also any idea as to what those stains are?
  4. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    So Lather... let me get this right;
    You want one of us to grade your note and tell you what it may be worth do you can turn around and sell it for a profit?

    Well what I can say about the note is that regardless of the error, it's condition is rather poor. It is well circulated, stained and I would not be surprised if some of the smaller stains might be tiny pinholes? Check it with a LED light.

    While I like New York Notes alot, I have over 350 of them..(NY Notes) I would not have purchased this note to flip it..I would not have even given a moments thought to buying it and that's just my opinion. Not to say anything is wrong with why you bought the note, it just simply does not attract the interest an AU or better note should demand...therefore, you may have a harder time flipping your note more so due to the condition than anything else. The Paper Breaks on the face of the note are significant and really add to the worn out look it portrays. But hey, thats just my opinion and someone out there just might want a note like this..

    Good luck on it...and keep us posted.

  5. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    Thanks.. Well I really wanted to get a Error note.. I have been strap searching and nothing really nice as far as errors.. This one was a Quick Bid on a Poorly listed Auction.. I didn't and don't mind the the SMALL fee over face.. But have seen that some of these misprints seem to carry a nice Premium... I know this one is a bit rough.. not sure what the marks may be.. and the fold is a strong one.. bummer.
    I did see some nice CU 100.00's that the guy was asking 2300.00 for.. He didn't sell them.. I saw another at $750.00.. Not sure if that one sold.
    I was just hoping to get a better idea of what it may be worth..
    I think I am going to keep it.. Money is a bit tight this week.. I ran into 4 $100.00 Star Notes that I had to get.. "HAD TO!" Smack! ( My wife hit the back of my head as I wrote that..LOL)

    Oh .. And like I said in other post.. I am new to currency.. but am I correct this is 3rd run through print error.. with the SN/District# offset
  6. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER" Supporter

    $7 over face is a good deal, I think you did well :)
  7. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    Please do not think that I am condeming you for the purchase, I am not.
    All I am try to say is that since you are new to currency, buy the book then the note. If it is your desire to own some errors to re-sell them, then find out the pulse of the market! Always always always buy the very best quality you can afford.

    I suggest you get this book..

    Paper Money Errors 3rd Edtion; Dr. Frederick Bart

  8. Brian339

    Brian339 Member

    I am confused here.
    You paid $107 for this bill and someone is telling you that you have alot to learn?
    Seems to me that you did what is known as a "No Brainer".
    The note only cost you $7 bucks. I dont see any downside. In fact if I had to throw a retail number at it I would say $150 to the right person. Its got some eye appeal. A bit rough but not a POS. Its a cool error and definetly collectible.
  9. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    Thanks to both of you.. I do have a couple books but nothing on Errors yet..
    And as far as 7.00 over Face.. well I have been collecting coins long enough to know a deal..
    I do love the new avenues of research I have been going down..
    I Still can't get anyone to tell me about this error or how it could happen and when during the print process.

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  10. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    No reason to be confused Brian:

    This comes directly from Dr. Barts Book pg 53 "Small Size Notes"

    " Minor misalignments of the printings are common enough to continue through circulation, even among those astute enough to recognize the mistake. As a general guideline to value, unless the error is immediately apparent, the note merits no premium. In fact even notes that show the design border from the adjacent note carry only a modest premium when in crisp uncirculated condition....and essentially zero premium when on circulated, high denomination pieces"

    So yes, I am telling him to buy the book before the note...would you spend $150 on this?? I do not think so.
  11. Brian339

    Brian339 Member

    Pretty aggresive for a Monday RickieB. I guess you think this is your turf. I feel like your telling me to get off your lawn or something. Chill out man its a hobby. Lets have FUN.
  12. Brian339

    Brian339 Member

    I would also like to mention that if anyone here is interested in collecting errors and would like a really good reference book. I would suggest The Encyclopedia of Errors by Stepehen Sullivan and is far and away the best reference for errors and was written by the man who at one time held the largest most complete error collection. Its a tough book to locate because of the small print but it is a fantastic read and reference.
    Barts book doesnt hold a candle to it.
  13. RickieB

    RickieB Expert Plunger Sniper

    This is where I hang out Brian, your remark about "someone" was aimed at me.
    I found your comment to be unjustified since you knew little of this note or it's error properties as written by a professional whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and discussing notes like these with him.

    Turff.. no, interest in Paper Money, yes! Trying to help some folks here yes.
    If you do not care for me or my comments, then do not respond, at least I know I helped him understand better, instead of giving him false hopes of a quick $50 gain.

  14. Brian339

    Brian339 Member

    Peace out RickieB its no big deal.
  15. Lather

    Lather Time traver Numismatist

    Hey guys.. Thanks... Sorry if I caused any stress.
    I value the site for its HONEST And HELPFUL Members.
    I do know that this item is not a HIGH valued item.. And yes I know "Buy The Book"..
    I have .. And am sure I need MANY more.. but your help through this site and the directions you have pointed me to have truly changed my life over the last couple years..
    I have lost on some and come out ahead on some but over all I am WAY up..
    And that is NOTHING more then the Financial side.. it has NOTHING to do with the absolute JOY I have had in the Hunt.

    Rickie... I can't tell you how many answers and comment you have helped me with.. Thanks .. as I am sure you know this is a life long learning experience , I am a young student to all this.. I like the Black and white answers I get from you.

    PLEASE tell me about that 1.00 In the post above... Everyone seems to pass it buy without comment..
    I have worked in Printing and am learning about how the Bills are run through..
    The Lines are an odd error? Like Brush lines or hairs on the bill...
    Can you tell me ANYTHING about it?

    Thanks again to you all... Cheers Brothers.
  16. Dave M

    Dave M Francophiliac

    I will toss out an idea. I am no expert on errors, but this appears to be an over-inking situation, followed by a failure to clean the plate. For an intaglio printing, the banknote design is recessed into the plate. Ink is then applied to the plate, and wiped off the surface, with the intent on leaving ink only in the engraved lines. Paper is then pressed against the plate, and the ink should be left on the paper only where the design intended. In this case, those vertical lines look to me to be ink that was dragged along the plate while it was being wiped clean, and just didn't all come off. It's clear from the close-ups that there was too much ink being applied as well.

  17. coinfanatic101

    coinfanatic101 New Member

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