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    I want to trade Silver Roosevelts for Roosevelt album fillers here...

    (if this is incorrectly posted, apologies to admin; move accordingly)

    I have 40 Roosevelts that came from a roll that I got 30 years ago - they are as close to UNC as any; 2-3 might go 65 grade.

    Mostly 64's, a few '64-D's, a couple other '63's, a '54, '59.

    I want to get Roosie album fillers, filler grade is fine, long as they're not 'junk' grade.

    Whole bag for whoever offers most. Mods: how does time limit work???

    I need :

    '47-D, S
    '49-D, S
    '53-P, S
    '55-P, D, S


    '16-P, D, S
    '17-P, D, S
    '18-P, S
    '19-P, D, S
    '20-P, D, S
    '21-P, D
    '24-P, D, S
    '26-P, S
    '27-D, S
    '28-D, S
    '29-D, S
    '30-P, S
    '31-P, D, S
    '35-D, S
    '36-D, S
    '45-D, S

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