WTT - OTHO - NGC slabbed - Graded 4/5

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    I have this portrait coin of Otho, AD 69,
    (Clear name - one of the Twelve Caesars - )
    Rev. Pax standing,
    AR Denarius (3.02gm.), Graded VG, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5,
    Prov: Ex CNG
    I would be willing to trade for similar Brutus, and/or Julius Caesar portrait (unslabbed - this is the only 'slabbed' coin I own and I have never been willing to remove it from the slab.)
    B3.jpg B4.jpg Magical Snap - 2018.02.02 11.14 - 226.jpg
    (Although I have never sold a coin in my life, a cash offer is not out of the question.)
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