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    Hey Folks,

    I'm looking to trade about $1,250 (melt) in silver coins (plus some buffalo and liberty nickels, as well as a few clad commemorative halves) for US Gold coins. I have more photos of anything on this list, if you are truly interested, just ask! Here's a list of what I have to offer:

    Silver Coins for Sale

    In round, hard plastic cases
    1. 1991-D USO Dollar
    2. 1991-S Rushmore Dollar Cameo
    3. 1993-P Jefferson Dollar
    4. 1984-S LA Olympics high
    5. 1983-P LA Olympics Discus
    6. 1988-D Olympics
    7. 1987-P Constitution
    8. 1986-P Ellis Island
    9. 2000-P Library of Congress
    10. 1992-D Columbus 500
    11. 1991-P Rushmore
    12. 1991-D Korea
    13. 1994-P Vietnam Proof
    14. 1994-P POW Proof
    15. 1999-P Yellowstone
    16. 1987-S Constitution Proof
    17. 1988-S Olympics proof
    18. 1971-S Ike Silver

    Halves in Round Hard Plastic Case

    1. 1943-S WLH (round hard plastic)
    2. 1982-D George Washington Half Dollar (round hard plastic)
    3. 1964-D Kennedy Half (round hard plastic)
    4. 1960-D Franklin Half (round hard plastic)
    5. 1893 Columbian Half Dollar (round hard plastic)
    6. 1982-S Washington Proof (round hard plastic)
    7. 1989-S bicentennial congress proof (round hard plastic)
    8. 1995-S Olympics (round hard plastic)
    9. 1995-P War Proof (round hard plastic)
    10. 2011-S Service to the nation Proof (round hard plastic)
    11. 2015-D Texas (round hard plastic)
    12. 1982-S Washington Half proof (hard, round plastic)

    Loose Dollars

    1. 1984-D Olympics
    2. 1983-P Olympics
    3. 1983-S Olympics impaired proof
    4. 1983-S Olympics
    5. 1984-P Olympics
    6. 1993-S Madison impaired proof
    7. 1986-P Ellis Island
    8. 1984-S Olympics
    9. 1984-D Olympics
    10. 1983-D Olympics

    Loose Halves

    1. 1993-S Madison impaired proof
    2. 1992-D Columbus (original plastic)
    3. 1994-D World Cup (original plastic)

    In 2x2s
    · 76-S Ike
    · 1893 Columbian Half
    · 1951 Franklin
    · 1939 WLH
    · 1952 Washington Carver half

    Loose coins:

    23x silver Ike’s
    69x40% Kennedy’s
    27x64 Kennedy’s
    75x Rosie dimes
    178x war nickels
    54x Washington quarter’s
    2x Franklins
    2x76s sets
    1952 Washington Carver Half
    5x Silver State Quarters
    1976-S Silver Quarter

    94x mostly buffalo (around 10 dateless) and liberty nickels
    IMG_E7473.JPG IMG_E7470.JPG IMG_E7472.JPG IMG_E7475.JPG IMG_E7469.JPG IMG_7474.JPG
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