SOLD WTT: Lots of Different Type Coins!

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    Hers a list of coins I'm interested in trading (or selling). I'll consider trades for anything silver pre-1964! Anything graded is a plus! Message me if you want pictures, everything is raw. I'm doing this to try to keep the hobby going while attending college!


    Half Cent:
    1809 AG (ON HOLD)

    Large Cent:
    1807/6 AG DETAILS (obv. & rev. scratches) (ON HOLD)
    1812 G4 SOLD
    1827 VG8 SOLD
    1853 EF40 $45

    Half Dime:
    1850 G4 SOLD

    1891 FR2 (ON HOLD)
    1900 FR2 $2

    1853 arrow&rays F DETAILS (obverse damage) SOLD
    1856 G4 SOLD
    1905 VF35 SOLD
    1912S VG8 $25

    Half Dollar:
    1821 G4 SOLD
    1867 PO1 $25
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