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    The 4 gold coins posted in this thread will be available for sale until the end of January, if unsold by January 31, they will be available at auction by Great Collections at a later date. This also applies to all my earlier listings in this forum. All coins are guaranteed as seen in the photos & if anyone is unhappy with their purchase they can return the coin immediately for a refund. I will cover the cost of shipping on all coins. I'll accept a personal check or certified bank check in payment, & will ship after the check clears. Gold spot price on 1-15-2020, 06:00 AM, $1551.00 per troy. If interested in any coins you can contact me by PM.
    The coins in this post are no longer available.

    IMG_9485 (2).JPG
    This coin has 1.177 oz of pure gold & melts at $1,828.00. My price is $1,775.00. The vertical line seen on the reverse is a light scratch on the holder, not the coin. IMG_9489 (4).JPG
    The photo below is a PCGS photo of this exact coin before slabbing.


    IMG_9735 (2).JPG
    IMG_9740 (2).JPG

    IMG_9744 (2).JPG
    IMG_9751 (2).JPG

    IMG_9560 (3).JPG
    The UHR $20 gold coin is the finest American coin minted in the last 100 years. It was struck in pure gold & weighs exactly 1 oz. This coin is a "First Strike" & more desirable than the standard issue. It has a PCGS value guide of $3,500.00. My price is $2,500.00 IMG_9567 (4).JPG

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