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    Greetings all!

    Please read the whole ad before asking any questions, I will probably answer most questions in the following text.

    So I have not posted here before because I'm not really into coins. But I do collect knives and many other types of gear, and so I have 52 positive feedbacks and 0 negative buying and selling knives on bladeforums.com If you would like to see my feedback there it's at this link under the same name.


    I inherited a bunch of silver coins and a bunch of Indian head pennies that I know very little about. I debated whether to go through the whole learning curve to decide what and how to sell but I am just too slammed with work to take on another project.

    Please don't ask me to look at individual coins, if I had time to look at every single coin seeking out certain variations then I wouldn't be selling these as lots.

    So what I've decided to do, is break them up according to type and sell them in groups according to their kind. I divided certain ones up by year and other ones just by number of them. All of these have been circulated, only 7 are so worn that you can't read the date. Most just look like they've been sitting in a coffee can for 50 years, because they have.

    I looked on eBay to see roughly what the average rough circulated sample of a non super-special one has sold for recently (NOT what they are listed for, I want to see what most people actually pay pipe dreams aside), and multiply that by the amount of coins.

    I know there are certain variations that are probably worth quite a bit more, so whoever wants to go treasure hunting through them could definitely get lucky.

    The lots have already been divided up and bagged at random, I have no idea what years go in what ones so please do let ask, these are luck of the draw lots.

    1) Indian Head pennies lot of 175. Dates range 1880-1909 see pics for years. $299

    2) Franklin Half Dollars (3) lots of 10 random coins each. Dates range from '59-'63. $129 per 10 coin lot.

    3) Walking Liberty half dollars (4) lots of 10 random coins each. Dates range from '20-'45. $129 per 10 coin lot.

    4) Mercury Dimes lot of 69. Dates range from 1920-1945 see pics for years. $159

    5) Pre 1965 90% silver dimes (2) lots of 57 coins each. $119 per 57 coin lot.

    6) Mixed bargain bag:

    Kennedy Half Dollars lot of 12


    Standing Liberty Quarters lot of 6. These are 6/7 of the coins for sale that have unreadable dates. Of the Kennedys 2 are 1964 (90% silver), 8 are 1967, 2 are 71.

    The 6 quarters are in unreadable awful condition but they were made between 1916-1930 so they are 90% silver.

    Not really sure about this one so let's just call it $59 for the bunch.

    If you want to buy multiple lots, I will take $5 off each one after the first one.


    No trades please.

    https://imgur.com/a/LuFtyBN https://imgur.com/a/nnP8lMt
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