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    Hey Everyone! I have a large ancient coin collection that I unfortunately need to part ways with. I am selling everything for one price (all the coins) although I am unsure of pricing for most so feel free to offer me in a PM.

    I also have quite a few ancient rings I am parting ways with as well, these rings are extremely beautiful and hard to come by, some of these are above museum quality. The pricing is a bit high on these however I will do a bulk deal.

    Forgive me for not describing all the coins greatly, I am sure most of you can decipher them on your own. I am listing the coins for one price here but if a single coin really speaks to you please let me know.


    Here are the rings, I will price them out in order from pictures top to bottom.

    Ring 1 - Silver repro, bent frame, free to the first buyer of any other rings

    Celtic Button - 25$ Large Clover Button

    Ring 2 - Small Clear Baby Stone Roman Ring - 50$

    Ring 3 - Byzantine Ring Cross Motiff - 50$ Size 8

    Ring 4 - Medeival Ring size 8 - 20$

    ring 5 - Byzantine Ring Shield and Cross - 150$

    Ring 6 - Byzantine Shield Ring Large Thatched - 250$

    ring 7 - Roman Ring, Beautiful Engravings Size 11 Museum Piece -500$

    The Coins for sale are a bunch of Roman, and Byzantine Large Bronze coins, and many smaller coins, one Silver Greek Gorgonian coin as well, images here at this link.

    The lot of Ancients 200$ The picture isnt the best but I have some rare ones here, Nero, Akragras Greece, Athenian Helmet, Gorgonian, etc Price is low for the lot for sure!

    Ancient Nanhai One Shipwreck Cluster of Song Dynasty coins - 250$

    Roman Oil Lamp -100$

    Roman Bronze Latch Decorated- 100$

    https://imgur.com/gallery/JHOiscA Images of all!

    Venmo is the preffered method of payment! Shipping time will be 1-2 days Shipping of small items 3$ large packaged 9$

    I do not ship international, US ONLY. Please pm me if your interested! Thank you so much!

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