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    Hey Folks,

    Huge lot of silver for sale here! I would like to sell this entire silver lot in one go, and for melt value, shipping included.

    These coins have been plucked from my time here in Germany, buying and searching coins. These are a lesser version of unsearched. That means that I have not taken a loupe to any of these coins to look for varieties. If they were of exceptional quality, a key date, or stood out, they were removed from the lot. Everything else simply got piled up until they filled a roll, and then rolled. With over 600 war nickels, you’re bound to find a variety in there!

    2CB9F43D-5BF4-4C2F-A1F9-AE05CD44A24A.jpeg F006D8D9-1360-4FD0-9351-80465204F018.jpeg 3B551EAD-908A-410E-AD71-EC7AA73B70DD.jpeg 9C7A3217-CF14-4349-B88C-9FB976573792.jpeg

    My original intent with not searching them was to trade them for a US gold coin also for melt value. I figured the added opportunity for varieties, plus commmorative dollars at melt would do it. Unfortunately, it seems selling them makes more sense than trying to trade.

    I’ll take PayPal or a check, but money must be in my account before I ship. I have plenty of references from CT of people I have done business and know personally who can vouch for my integrity. I will not be offended if you ask for a few.

    I’ve stacked every loose coin in piles of 5, and extras are strewn out to be easily counted. All commemorative dollars in plastic cases are UNC/PF. I did a recount on May 18th due to finding a few more silver coins.

    Here is the breakdown:
    25x 90% commemorative dollars
    24x 40% Ike dollars
    668x silver war nickels
    105x 40% Kennedy halves

    For reference: Silver at $14.42 on 17MAY19
    x.8113 nickels = $541.95
    x2.1326 40% halves = $223.92
    x11.1531 dollars = $278.83
    x4.5601 40% = $109.44
    Current total value: $1,154.14

    If you are truly interested and want more photos, or are ready to buy, please message me.

    Take care,
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