WTS: Historic Firearm Silver Bars & UNC Maria Theresa Thalers

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by kolhoznik, Jul 19, 2014.

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    I have a series of silver bars that were made in the 1970s that feature major firearms through out history. One the front is an image of the gun and the back tells the history of the piece. Each bar weighs about an ounce and is made of sterling silver. I am selling each for $23 and can send pics on request. I will do free shipping if someone wants 5 or more. Below that shipping is $3. I have the following bars:

    1. The Brown Bess
    2.The Bulldog Revolver 1883
    3. Tranter Revolver 1855
    4. Mannlicher Rifle 1895
    5.Schmidt-Rubin 1911
    6. Dreyse Needle Gun 1865
    7. The Blunderbuss
    8. The Borchart 1893
    9.The Adams Revolver 1851
    10. The Rifle Shotgun Combination

    I also have a tube of 25 uncirculated Maria Theresa Silver Thalers for $19.50 each

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