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    Hey Folks, I have a bunch of random things for sale, with more to come for sure. If you want photos, videos or details on anything listed, please let me know. I live in Germany, but can also ship to the US through USPS and pay US rates. That means that I can ship to the EU, or the US and accept US $ and Euro €. I'm happy to combine shipping on these items. Just in case the clarification is needed: OBO = Or Best Offer

    First up is a 1980-P Nickel struck on Cent planchet. Graded MS64RD, but I find the uneven toning distracting. Looking to sell for $210 shipping included, OBO (I paid $220, so I'll be taking a loss).


    *SOLD* Next up are 31x silver 5DEM coins from Germany, most of them commemorative coins. Silver value is $3.65 per coin. I'll sell this lot for $100, shipping included, which means you'd be paying under 90% melt and I'd be receiving ~80% melt after the cost of shipping.


    I have 3x filled DANSCO euro coins books. I have almost an entire set of every country. Most of them are UNC, but some I found and pulled a few from circulation. I even have some Vatican euro coins in here. The books are worth $26 each or $78, and the coins are worth $154.60 (139.68€). I'll sell this for $200 shipped OBO.

    IMG_E1952.JPG IMG_E1953.JPG IMG_E1954.JPG

    *SOLD* I have a 1972 German Olympics 10DEM set filled with a lot of toned coins that I've pulled from other sets. I can exchange this for $136 at the bank. I will sell this set for $136 plus my shipping costs. I'd prefer this goes to a collector than being melted down.


    I have 2x Ryedale cent sorters. They both work, and I've bought extra parts for them (extra coin cup and feed wheel each), both have an extension hopper, but need some TLC and some of that dry lubrication stuff that I couldn't seem to find here. These will cost $500 online to purchase, plus shipping (http://www.pennysorter.com/buy-now). I've put thousands of coins through each of these. I've had some issues with them jamming, but think that some TLC and grease should fix this issue. I'll sell each one for $225, shipped, or both for $400 shipped. This mark down accounts for the wear and tear and TLC they'll need.


    Saving the best for last, I have probably the best coin sorter on the market; the Semacon S-140 High Capacity Electric Coin Counter/Packager/Offsorter. You can sort, count and package all of your coins with this machine. It's got a huge base that can easily hold 3,000 quarters at once. It can sort tens of thousands of coins non-stop and it’s okay if the coins are all different diameters. The sorter has an offshoot capability to sort out any coin smaller than the diameter you set it to. That means you can sort Lincoln cents all the way to Ike dollars together, and even mix in Mexican pesos and Thai Baht. All you have to know are the diameters for the coins you want sorted and counted. I've used this baby for the last year and a half and have had amazing results, and I stand by this machine as top of the line and fully functional. This machine requires zero lubrication and the only regular maintenance required is a little compressed air to blow out the dirt after every 10,000 or so coins, as well as a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean off the counting sensor. I have the coin tubes for US and Euro coins, which makes for extremely quick sorting, counting and rolling of coins. You won't find these for less than $895 online (https://www.amazon.com/s?k=semacon+S-140&ref=nb_sb_noss_2). It also cost me about $125 to ship it here. An important note: this machine is set for 220V and has a European plug. That means you’ll need to run a power transformer in the US to use this. Those generally run around $50 for a good one, but it’s totally worth it. If you are interested in this machine, please message me. I’d like to sell it for $650 shipped; I truly think this is an amazing machine for anyone who deals in large quantities of coins. I am selling it because I am leaving Europe and won't be able to handle as many coins as I have been doing.

    IMG_4423.JPG IMG_4421.JPG
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