WTS “ 1830 Large O capped bust half dollar” Super Nice!

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  1. Looking to sell my capped bust as I’m getting married in a week and could use the cash. Fields are clean and has original mint luster, and it has nice luster esp considering it’s 190 years old. I accept PayPal and I obtained this from a guy who’s wife’s dad died and left her a collection of almost 40,000 coins and they are all ones you want. This one is all I could afford at the time. So this is not an eBay cross your fingers purchase. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to make opinion of grade so I’ll leave it at the coin is a strong strike on both sides and 100% of the detail is in tact and pops. I am selling it for 900.00 plenty of money can be made by the buyer. I can’t spend anymore money on grading and the long waits for auctions anymore as I gotta focus on having another person in my life and not so much on the coins anymore.


    BIN: 900 o.b.o.
    Shipping 7.85 insured and tracked

    Jeremy Johnson

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