WRPM-020 1960 d penny

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    Meow came across this penny in a very unusual way. It was taped to a piece of paper as change for shipping on a fleabay transaction. Meow inspects all change that passes through this cat's paws. Meow noticed that this penny had an RPM, and looked it up. It matches WRPM-020. It has the two lines in the center as a match, but since Meow already put it in a snaplock holder it was a but hard to capture that detail. The very sad thing is that this penny has been cleaned, and has had a piece of clear tape put over it. Meow soaked it in acetone to remove any possible tape residue. The pervious cleaning is pretty obvious, so it ruins the neat find overall. But its is still fun to find such things.
    WIN_20190824_20_27_20_Pro.jpg WIN_20190824_20_28_45_Pro.jpg WIN_20190824_20_29_23_Pro.jpg WIN_20190824_20_30_29_Pro.jpg
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