World silver crown-size type coin collectors?

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Ag76, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. talerman

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    A while ago we had an exchange about the falling value of the Taler over the centuries.

    I was looking today at this 1774 Anhalt mining Taler. As was typical of the mining Talers of the Harz region, even in the late 18th century it was struck in Feinsilber (fine silver, in theory .993 pure, although the silver itself was not completely pure so in practice it might be closer to .95. ). However, to offset the fine silver, it weighs only 23.32 g. With a 38 mm diameter, I think it still qualifies for this Silver Crown-size thread.

    Germany ANHALT-BERNBURG-HAYM-SCHAUMBURG Carl Ludwig Mining Konventionstaler 1774 From Holzappel mine.

    Anhalt-Schaumburg Carl Ludwig Mining Taler 1774 LD obv 342.jpg Anhalt-Schaumburg Carl Ludwig Mining Taler 1774 LD rev 346.jpg
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  3. Gallienus

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    That's a beautiful mining thaler. Regarding crowns the somewhat lax standard used was that these coins could be from 20.0 grams and above. Also this piece illustates the process behind the coins: the mining itself! A very nice piece of history. Sadly I can't collect Germanic thalers due to finances and too many areas of collecting already. Hopefully you got this piece?
  4. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    A Belgium 5 Francs I needed for my world collecting.

  5. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

    Thank you for your comments. Yes, the piece is mine.
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  6. PaulTudor

    PaulTudor Well-Known Member

    Ferdinand I. 1521-1564, Vienna Taler N.D( 1547), mintmaster Andre Hartmann

  7. PaulTudor

    PaulTudor Well-Known Member

    1559 Zurich taler, variety with 2 dots after date, mintmaster Hans Jakob Stampfer.
    The coin was in a lot with a large bronze medal and to my surprise i won it for 80£(120£ with delivery and fees), but was really suspicious since there were no higher bidds, thinking that maybe it's not a genuine piece. Once i received it, i checked the weight, 27.7, a bit underweight for the type, but managed to find a taler ,with the same weight sold by Sincona. Last night i must have spent 40 min comparing it mm by mm with that Sincona piece and another one from Heritage and now i'm pretty sure it's genuine. I must say that the strike of this taler seems so ahead of its time!

  8. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    Nice score.
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  9. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    Here are some that I don't think I have shared before.


    Frankfurt 1861 2 Thaler
    Obverse: Laureate bust right
    Reverse: Crowned eagle with wings open

    Composition: Silver
    Fineness: 0.9000
    Weight: 37.0400g
    ASW: 1.0717oz


    Hamburg 1875 5 Mark
    Obverse: Helmeted arms with lion supporters
    Reverse: Type I
    Reverse Legend: DEUTSCHES REICH 1876, FUNF MARK below

    Composition: Silver
    Fineness: 0.9000
    Weight: 27.7770g
    ASW: 0.8037oz


    Lubeck 1752 48 Schilling
    Obverse: Crowned imperial eagle, large 48 in circle on breast, oval shield of mayor's arms in baroque frame below
    Obverse Legend: MON • NOVA • IMP • - CIVITAT • LUBECÆ •
    Reverse: Small shield of city arms in symmetrical baroque frame, date at end of legend
    Reverse Legend: 48 • SCHILLING • COURANT • - GELDT • ANNO •

    Note: Ref. B-291; Dav. 2420D. Arms of Mayor Heinrich Rust (1750-57).

    Composition: Silver
    Fineness: 0.7500
    Weight: 27.5100g
  10. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

    It looks genuine to me. Congratulations on a real bargain ! All the Stampfer designs are so attractive
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  11. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

  12. Looks like I do have the odd crown as part of trying to complete typesets - it does tend to be the last coin I get though! This time Napoleon from Italy.
    Italy-5L-1814M-Ocrop.jpg Italy-5L-1814M-Rcrop.jpg
  13. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

  14. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

  15. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

    I have been trying to reply on Chris B's Frankfurt 1861 2 Taler but I am doing something wrong since my comment is never visible, so here it is for what it's worth in a separate post..

    This is an interesting example of the sad story of the long depreciation and decline of the Taler. A Double Reichstaler in the old days would have weighed about 57 g and contained 51.96 g of silver compared to this coin's 37 g and silver content of 33.336 g. But it is still a beautiful coin.
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  16. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

    LIEGE, Prince-Bishopric Robert de Berghes Rixdaler 1558 40 mm 28 g

    Liege Robert de Berghes Rixdaler 1558 obv 080.jpg Liege Robert de Berghes Rixdaler 1558 rev 081.jpg
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  17. PaulTudor

    PaulTudor Well-Known Member

    1589 Piastra, Ferdinando I de Medici, not the best obv., but not unusual for the type, better rev. though, with good details. Ex Pandolfini, Romanumismatics, Vitangelo Collection.
    I was suppose to have a Nassau taler to show also, from the last Bertolami auction, but it's been three weeks since they confirmed receiving my payment and still no coin, whilst i'm being passed from one department to another, when asking what on earth is going on.

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  18. talerman

    talerman Supporter! Supporter

    Germany LIPPE-DETMOLD Simon Heinrich Reichstaler 1681

    Lippe-Detmold Simon Heinrich Taler 1681 obv 851.jpg Lippe-Detmold Simon Heinrich Taler 1681 rev 852.jpg
  19. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    Picked this up off of Heritage last night. It is a nice companion piece for my 1780 restrike.

    Obverse: Bust right in decorated gown
    Obverse Legend: M • THERESIA • D: G • R • IMP • GE • HU • BO • REG •
    Reverse: Crowned imperial double eagle with crowned arms on breast
    Reverse Legend: ARCHID • AUST • DUX • BU • COM • TYR •

    Ruler: Maria Theresa
    Note: Dav. #1121

    Composition: Silver
    Fineness: 0.8330
    Weight: 28.0600g
  20. Swervo513

    Swervo513 Active Member

    Hi my name is Larry and I’m a crown collector. Am I in the right place?
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  21. PaddyB

    PaddyB Eccentric enthusiast

    Er, yes! Got any to share?
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