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  1. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Again this coin is undated/ spans 1516-58 under HRE Karl V
    Naples/ Spanish Rulers
    AV Scudo d'oro ND
    Napoli Mint
    Karl V 1516-58 4e49203af50545d5b552ece839a05490.jpg
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  3. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Spanish Netherlands/ Brabant
    AV Couronne d'or au soleil 1544
    Antwerpen Mint
    Karl V 1516-58
    Poor workmanship/ as one can see.... gouden-zonnekroon-1544-gold-karel-970483.jpg
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  4. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    I think I have a couple spanning this decade:
    Portuguese Malaca, 1 Dinhiero, 1545-48, João III
    Portuguese Malaca 1 Dinhiero 1545-48 João III copy.jpeg
    Edward VI, Shilling, 1547-1553 Edward VI Shilling 1547-1553 copy.jpg
  5. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Sultanate of Aceh
    AV Kupang ND
    Sultan Ala al-din-Ali 1537-71
    So would span five decades! Strange that the Sultanates of Samudra-Pasai and Aceh did not date their coins in AH/ most Islamic rulers did.... 6506_4421046_a_c.jpg
  6. robp

    robp Well-Known Member

    Debased shillings only for this decade as the fine silver wasn't introduced until 1551.

    1549 8oz shilling with transposed legends - the regnal name is usually on the same side as the portrait

    1549 6oz shilling with mm. arrow (over G on the rev.) signifying the die was prepared for use at York, but the mint never struck any shillings. This was struck at the Tower Mint

    Henry VIII 3rd coinage testoon with mm. pellet in annulet, struck 1544-6

    Henry VIII posthumous groat struck at Southwark. mm. -/E.

    Henry VIII posthumous groat struck at Durham House mm. Bow

    Henry VIII posthumous halfgroat struck at the Tower Mint, mm.K (rev. only)

    1549 6oz shilling struck at Southwark with mm. Y over G.

    Henry VIII posthumous penny struck at the Tower mint with mm. grapple
  7. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    We seem to be in a quiet collecting period
    It is now 1550-1560
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  8. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    AV Dukat 1558
    Hermannstadt Mint
    Johann II Sigismund under Isabella (Regent) ce3e30b6fac5d80f8bd2c2ec42c320a6.jpg
  9. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    from 1540-49 decade

    Gujarat/ Sultanate
    AV Tanka AH 947 (1540/1AD)
    Muhammadabad Mint
    Nasir al-Din Mahmud Shah 1537-53 55ccd9a59c6e96102cb90fbc4c68dedc.jpg
  10. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Sultanate of Aceh
    AV Kupang ND/ NM
    Sultan Ala'al-Din Ali 1537-71/ so some were struck in 1550s likely. 6506_4421046_a_c (1).jpg
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  11. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    1551 Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1/4 Thaler

    1560 Mansfeld Thaler
  12. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    The slaying of the dragon, in whichever artistic style, never gets old for me.
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  13. robp

    robp Well-Known Member

    Sneak these in before I take a few days off.

    1551 very base 3oz. shilling with mm. Lion

    A fine silver shilling with mm. Tun. Struck 1551-3

    Philip & Mary 1557 sixpence.

    Edward VI base silver penny struck at York with mm. pierced mullet

    Philip & Mary base penny with mm. 1/2 rose and castle. Consensus is that the mintmark reflects the source of the silver used to strike the coins. Those with mm. castle were struck from Philip's silver brought along when he married Mary. Halved rose & castle means it was indeterminate (or maybe from a general mixed silver pot). These were used as a halfpenny due to their low silver content.

    Which brings us to this enigmatic piece. A base penny with mm. Rose. This should mean it was struck from Mary's silver, but there are no mint records to confirm. I know of 3 examples. Not listed in the standard references.
    Edited to add that this could actually be the base penny intended for Ireland. The literature states the penny is of the English type, but amongst the mintmarks used for Irish currency in both P&M and Elizabeth I is rose. Sadly, no proof has come my way.

    And to finish, a Philip & Mary portrait penny in 0.916 silver.
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  14. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    Wonderful selection. Enjoy your short break, looking forward to some more great examples when you return.
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  15. The Eidolon

    The Eidolon Well-Known Member

    Ireland, 1557, Groat, Mary and Philip Ireland 1557 groat Mary and Philip copy 2.jpg
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  16. messydesk

    messydesk Well-Known Member

    I can play again! 1559 Teston of François II in the name of Henry II, Angers mint.

  17. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    A coin alluding to some important historical times.King of France at 15 years old and King consort of Scotland at the same time. And then dying just over a year later. Must be lovely to hold something like that in your hand.
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  18. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & Eccentric Moderator

    Where are we? 1550s? I'm in!

    Lithuania: silver half-grosz of Sigismund II Augustus of Poland, 1550; Vilnius mint
  19. expat

    expat Remember you are unique, just like everyone else Supporter

    Nice imagery, armoured, galloping horseman, and a stylised eagle. I like that
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  20. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    Genoa/ Biennial Doges
    AV Scudo d'oro ND
    Struck circa 1540-60 italy-genoa-scudo-d-oro-nd-5720758-S.jpg
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  21. sonlarson

    sonlarson World Silver Collector

    This is from my 6 century birth year collection. I put together a collection of silver coins issued from my birth year going back 6 centuries. 1952,1852,1752,1652,1552,1452. Fun to assemble and didn't cost a lot.

    1552 Hungary Denar.jpg

    1552 Hungary Denar

    Hungary, Ferdinand I (1526-1564), Denar, 1552, Kremnitz Mint
    . FERDINAND . D . G . R . VNG . 1552 .
    Shield of arms in inner circle
    Radiate Madonna and child in inner circle, K | B across fields
    14mm x 15mm, 0.45g, Silver
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