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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Histman, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

    Besides Ebay, does anyone know of a reasonable site for the purchase of modern world coins? I'm trying to put together a set of 1966 world coins. I'm not looking for anything graded, proofs, or anything like that. I just want average circulated coins from that time frame at a reasonable cost.

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  3. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

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  4. Colby J.

    Colby J. Well-Known Member

    MA Shops
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  5. catadc

    catadc Well-Known Member

    You may consider & swaps with trusted users there. Also useful to double.check your list of 1966 coins with their catalog.
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  6. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

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  7. jcm

    jcm Active Member

    Bob Reis at anything anywhere is always helpful.
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  8. Finn235

    Finn235 Well-Known Member

    Put up a want list here and on a bunch of other coin forums.

    Ebay is the best place to get inexpensive coins, but if you are looking at high grade circulating coins from 1966, you will either over pay thanks to shipping, or else you will be left with a bunch of junk.

    Only a few countries still had circulating silver in 1966, so 95% of the coins you are looking for aren't going to be worth the 99 cent start unless they are certified high MS, so your best bet is to ask someone who has buckets of world coins for a good deal on some from your 1966 set. As a rule of thumb, non-silver junk modern (post-1950s) world coins should cost you about 10-25 cents per coin.
  9. Steve66

    Steve66 Coin People

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  10. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

  11. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

  12. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

    Thanks. That is where I got my completed list. Trying to complete the whole thing.
  13. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

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  14. tibor

    tibor Well-Known Member

    Are you missing any Hungarian coins?
  15. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I get all my world material thru sixbid auctions. Auctions are the best way to get beautifull coins/ they are accurately graded/ and geniune. I collect mostly 1200-1945. Nicest designed coinage was period 1600-1800, though they are gorgeous medieval/ renaissance examples. Here is an one from my coll. IMG_0704.JPG
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  16. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

  17. Mkman123

    Mkman123 Well-Known Member

    bob reis from anythinganywhere

    those places should have anything you want.
  18. mlov43

    mlov43 주화 수집가

    Also don't forget to include auction/retail sites in the coins' countries of origin!!!

    If you want to find the best selection of Japanese coins, you will NOT find them on eBay or MA, etc. You will often find them at Yahoo!Japan, in the Japanese language. For South Korea, you have look in the South Korean auction and retail sites in the Korean language.

    The problem often is that (especially for Korean and Japanese venues) some numismatic communities like to keep things local. Their collecting community is a closed-circuit loop, and they do not like nosy outsiders (foreigners). And even if they are open to outsiders, their local banking facilities might not allow for transactions taking place involving non-local credit cards or non-local bank accounts. And they often do not accept PayPal.

    However, some retailers in these countries DO have PayPal accounts, and will do business with you if you can read their listings, find the item number and description, and communicate in their language via email and trust them with the PayPal transaction. Google Translate is your friend. However, ONLY USE GRAMMAR-SIMPLE sentences (present tense, active language and not passive voice, if you know what that is). That way, google translate will work. Otherwise, forget it. You have nothing to lose by trying, but be prepared that you may never get an answer and will simply be ignored. Been there very often.

    Korean online retailers:

    Auction sites (some of these are difficult to link to, so try using a VPN located in Korea).
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  19. Histman

    Histman Too Many Coins, Not Enough Time!

    Thank you!
  20. mlov43

    mlov43 주화 수집가

  21. buckeye73

    buckeye73 Well-Known Member

    Frank S. Robinson-Ancient and World Coins
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