Why You Should Also Check Mint Sets For Errors

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by JCro57, Sep 15, 2019.

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    I know people coin roll hunt. But you should also consider "Mint Set Hunting" (MSH) at shows.

    Below are three errors I have that were found in Mint sets. Not big type error types, but it makes you wonder what could be hiding in plain sight.

    Error coins in Mint sets have the potential to sell at higher premiums than as stand alone pieces simply because of the probability they would make it to a Mint set vs. being discovered in circulation or in rolls/bags.

    In order is (1) a grease strike-through cent, (2) a very strong dime die clash, and (3) a silver quarter doubled die.

    1970-S 1c Obverse/Reverse Strike-through Grease
    0913190715a_HDR.jpg 0913190712_HDR.jpg 0913190715_HDR.jpg

    1965 10c Strong Die Clash
    IMG_0034~3.JPG IMG_0187~2.JPG

    Silver 1963 25c DDO (thanks, @Fred Weinberg )
    Screenshot_2019-09-13-16-42-18~4.png Screenshot_2019-09-13-16-42-57~3.png Screenshot_2019-09-13-16-42-27~3.png
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    Good point! I usually only check for errors on sets when I'm trying to sell.
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