Why don't cashiers get rid of odd stuff like $2 bills and halves ?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Doug21, May 12, 2012.

  1. Doug21

    Doug21 Coin Hoarder

    If I knew nothing about coins and got nuisance stuff I didn't want in my till, I'd re-circulate by giving it to a customer. say a $2 bill, give to somebody that gets $2.44 in change....I can't see too many people saying give me two singles instead. A half could easily be passed.

    mini dollar coins might be more rejected.

    I'd get that stuff out of my till if I don't like funky money.

    it should not be a problem if the customer is like over 50, old folks have seen halves and deuces before....they were certainly used like 40 years ago.

    Ike dollars should be easy to use. I can't believe my local coin dealer sends them to the bank.....As a lottery agent, I'd give them in change since you are a coin dealer anyway.

    mini dollars are tougher, nobody wants those things, dating back to the 1979 SBA....I'd take one in change without an argument, but many would balk at our American "Loonies"
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  3. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    I just spent $50.00 in two dollar bills at the store.
  4. 19Lyds

    19Lyds Member of the United States of Confusion

    What you say makes perfect sense except that most Americans have been "dumbed down" to the point where they have no idea what classis coinage and bills actually look like. (Remember the story about the fella getting the cops called on him for trying to spend a $2 at a Taco Bell? What about the fellow that was actually arrested for spending a $50 that didn't pass the "ink" test. Some older $50's don't pass.)

    If a cashier gave out those coins or bills without prompting, its possible the customer might think the cashier was pulling a fast one or perhaps giving out foreign coins as change. "Astute" customers want exact change down to the cent and if folks don't recognize the coin, it must be foriegn right? Stores don't like customers to think they're being cheated.

    Cashiers, on the other hand, have been "dumbed down" to the point that they have absolutely no clue on how to count change back. As such, if the register is down, they can't make you change!

    As such, odd coins and bills simply get set aside where the accountant sends them to the bank.

    The only exception is coin stores who get a kick out of making change using odd coins. I don't mind as long as they aren't foreign coins.

    Us Americans is a smart bunch. We know our coins and we knows our change AND we knows if we got the curect change back. If we didn't get the curect change, then you must be cheetin us! And nobody's gonna pull a fast one on us Americans.
  5. azhiker00

    azhiker00 Member

    Your local coin dealer sends IKES to the bank? ****, I'd ask them to save them for you and pay them in cash money. Ikes have no metal value but they are fun.
  6. AngelKitty

    AngelKitty Sparkles *n* Cats

    Haha, I was a cashier at McDonald's for a couple of years. I checked every note and coin customers gave me, and if anybody gave me anything interesting, I switched it out with non-funky things and kept it. The managers didn't care, as long as your drawer balanced out right in the end. I got star notes, $2 bills (old and new), mercury dimes and other silver coins, half dollars, new dollar coins, buffalo nickels, etc.

    I collect of course, but even non-collector cashiers will switch stuff out if they suspect it's valuable/find it cool and decide they want it/think their kids will find it cool.
  7. Doug21

    Doug21 Coin Hoarder

    I grab them on occasion, they are fun to spend. I plan on selling stuff ( mostly tools) at the swapmeet next Sunday, so I'll buy whatever he has and try to get like 41.50 each or 3 for $5 or whatever. I ordered $400 in deuces from the bank for this too. Last time I sold there , I sold every $2 bill I had for $2.25 each, but most were red seals....same guy bought them all, he didn't care what color the seal was.

    maybe that stuff makes me back the $20 fee to sell ?

    I haven't sold in almost two years but I went from 1400 sf to 540 sf...need to get rid of stuff I don't need.
  8. Doug21

    Doug21 Coin Hoarder

    dumbed down is right. A bank teller should be better than wal-mart type cashier. I brought back a box of halves a couple of days ago. Clearly it is $500, says so on the box or go 5 rolls by 10 rolls for 50 rolls X $10 =$500.

    The teller counts each row and adds $50 ten times to get there... WTF !

    casino cashiers are way better than bank tellers.

    I got $60 in halves a few months ago from the head teller of my local bank, she calls me if somebody turns in halves. she wanted to count them out to me. I had to show her to make a $10 stack and just cut into it 5 more times, like you would with casino checks.

    There is good reason why America has gone to **** and everything is made in China now. Americans are dumb, Europeans are far more educated and usually fluent in 3 languages...my wife can barely spell her name in contrast.
  9. Trp

    Trp Junior Member

    I have noticed as a tourist abroad that shop keepers try to give all the odd or damaged coins and notes for me as a change. But they don't know I'm numismatist:p Sometimes it is possibly to get Finnish 5 euro commems at face so I like to put them to circulation. Usually the cashiers haven't seen them before but have trusted my word anyway and took the coins.
  10. Merc Crazy

    Merc Crazy Bumbling numismatic fool

    I love when I dump a crapton of ikes... I tell them to just stack them in stacks of ten and line 'em up... way more efficient. Instead, they have to count 'em out one at a time. Kills me, and takes about 5x longer.
  11. Marsden

    Marsden Member

    Woman at a restaurant flatly refused my $2 bill.
    Had to get the manager!

    ETA! I forgot to add, she actually said "this is not legal tender" despite the fact that it's clearly marked "legal tender".................
  12. Jaylee

    Jaylee Copper Hopper

    Last year for Valentine's day, I went to Walmart to pick up a card and chocolates for my girlfriend. I went over my budget and had to pull my $2 from my wallet. He looked at it--confused-- and asked me if I had been able to use these bills elsewhere. I told him yes, he seemed apprehensive--but took it anyway. He was about my age (at least 18 but no more than 25).

    My generation disappoints me. :headbang:
  13. softmentor

    softmentor Active Member

    I remember the year kids at the fast food quit counting change. They started dumping the coin on top of your bills which, is to me, hard to hold compared to coin first in the palm then bills. But far worse, they have no idea how to count. A $2 bill may overwhelm them ;)
    That aside, I use $1 coins and they look at it then say "cool". At farmers market where I sell my date crop and other produce, I have a lot of items at $ x.50 price breaks so I give change with 50c piece and people say "Oh. I haven't seen one of these in a while". So, I rather enjoy circulating all that "funny money"
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