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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by tmansell415, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. tmansell415

    tmansell415 New Member

    Hey all, I just bought a used Whitman US type set on ebay, and it only has 3 pages, which does not include pennies, nickels, dimes, etc (the more common coin varieties). is there anywhere i can buy separate pages to put into the album, or do i have to buy a completely separate album all together? Thanks
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  3. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector

    I didn't even know Whitman had a type set album.
    Talk is generally of the Dansco 7070.

    What is the album number?
  4. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

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  5. harley bissell

    harley bissell Well-Known Member

    On the inside back cover you will see the list of available albums. Your 3 choices are
    20th century type - small coins and large coins. You have the large coins. If you own the bookshelf style you could not add pages. You must have the classic type with the aluminum posts since you are wanting to add pages. Cheapest to just buy the small coins album from Whitman. If you decide to use the dansco 7070 to get all your coins in one album you will still have a problem. No gold coins pages come with the album and the gold pages have been sold out for more than a decade. good luck. enjoy the ride.
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  6. tmansell415

    tmansell415 New Member

    Whitman #9138. i think i made a mistake buying this one because its labeled as a "basic 20th century US coins" album, i think i'll look into a good Dansco album instead
  7. Bradley Trotter

    Bradley Trotter World Numismatist

    The only place one can find a Dansco 7070 nowadays is preowned on eBay. Nonetheless, Dansco albums are worth the investment considering they hold up well and offer superior protection for your coins.
  8. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    The new ones are being made again. $27 on ebay.
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  9. Lawtoad

    Lawtoad Well-Known Member

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