Whitman Show in Baltimore March 31- April 2

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by tibor, Mar 23, 2022.

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    I can vouch for there not being much fresh material, although there were certainly coins enough to pique my interest.

    Both Thursday & Friday were good, but Saturday was dead as a doornail. That could have been weather related, as it was a nicer day than the prior two.

    More than one dealer observed that customers seemed to be experiencing "sticker shock". With prices up for everything else . . . gasoline, food, services and non-perishables, this comes as no surprise to me. On the one hand, I heard complaints that pricing seemed to have been jacked up almost capriciously in the price guides, while I also observed that retail sellers were asking for all of that when offering their coins for sale.

    Prices are definitely on the rise, and I had to be careful not to sell too quickly that which I could not affordably replace. One perfect example of this . . . I sold a 1904-S Half Eagle in PCGS AU55 for $750 and ended up paying $775 for another lower grade NGC AU50 1904-S Half Eagle the very next day.

    It was a struggle for me to buy anything special, as may be apparent next time I post newps.
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  3. coolhandred24

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    I was at the show when it opened on Friday and saw a number of coins I would have liked to add to my collection but the prices! OUCH!!!

    A nice slabbed toned Bust Half Dime in AU 50 caught my eye and I am thinking $350-$400. Dealer quotes $625! Say what??? Obviously, I passed as I did not want to get into an argument with the guy. I saw a cool-looking 1909-VDB slabbed cent in MS 63 RB that had a look, but the woman would not budge from $100 when I offered $75. You guys know this is not a rare coin, or even scarce in this condition and I was hoping we could have agreed at say $85 or even $90, but NOPE. At another table I really liked a 1867 MS 62CAM Proof Shield Nickel, but when I asked the price the dealer quoted $650, and then told me he paid $575 for it. He inquired what I was willing to pay, (I'm thinking $400-$425 which is above the guide), but I replied we were just too far apart. But thanks anyway. So the cash stayed in my pocket and the coins in their cases.

    Revick Galstaun at West Coast Coins showed me quite a few interesting pieces, but just not the one that would have made my day. He is a nice guy and was willing to spent time showing his inventory, but again no sales.

    As mentioned there were quite a few less dealers setting up at the show as in the past. I did manage to pick out $125 worth of misc 19th century type from one dealers junk box so I did come home with some stuff. But overall the show was not as good as I had hoped.
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  4. iontyre

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    Searched high and low for 1934D and 1935D Washington Quarters, was hoping to find in PCGS MS-63 holders. I found just one 1935D in an NGC MS65 holder that was out of my price range (looking for around $300 - $325, which seemed to be about the going rate on ebay). Ended up just upgrading my Indian cent collection.
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    Congratultions!!! Thank you for your service!!!
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  6. Bambam8778

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    I missed this one. Envious of those that got to go.
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