What's the deal with counter stamped coins?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Swervo513, Dec 25, 2012.

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    This has been such a eye opening tread for me so I came across a 1776 currency coin that had the words "ulcner" or "ullner" on the edge of it. As I have sent numerous pics to forums, collectors, and numarisist asking about this at first I just assumed it was a fake but everyone I talked to said if it is fake its a really good but what very interesting about this coin is its weighed out to 18.051 grams and it has that name stamped on the edge it has baffled everyone I shown the pic too. The only thing I could find dated back to the 20s about a man with the last name ulcner who had a huge coin collection in California in a old ANA article but nothing mentioning this coin but seeing how this forum came up it has me intrigued again who is this name and why is it stamped on the edge of this 1776 coin?! I can show the pictures if you would all like to see it but it has all of us baffled as I took it to a numarisist he said I was say this is fake but there is errors on the 1 and 7 in the date and honeslty this name is of something why would there be this name on this coin also knowing ben franklin was part of the designer of this coin and went under factious names before who knows. But would lobe to share it with you all and see what your opinions of it is because it looks like everyone on here is intrigued as I am as to find out where these stamps come from and im now reading the book you are all talking about as well and its fascinating that this is now just coming out. Too cool as I would love to find out more even if the coin is fake as I just love finding out the history of coins I recent bought a 1878 CC coin and told the seller the story of how as a kid I always wanted this coin and he was so happy he told me the back story of which it came and made that coin that much more special but yes any info would help and would love to hear opinions for
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