What's it worth, what does it really mean anyway???

Discussion in 'What's it Worth' started by bhp3rd, Jan 14, 2010.

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    What's it worth, what does it really mean anyway???
    We all talk about it but do ever stop and think what it really means if anything?

    Everybody talks about and asks about "what is my, their, this coin worth?? I don't think we know (really stop to think) when we ask that it's just the nature of coins of course. It really is just a bracket or guild though and many people think it's much closer than that I believe. Many items like silver and gold are much closer or more predictible than key or semi-key collector coins can end up being esp. in lower grades, over graded or undergraded can be. So what does "what's it worth" really mean to you'all.

    My thoughts are mostly replacement costs today but those were the farthest thing from my mind early on. When I started I thought that the $100 dollar coin I just bought really may be worth $100, maybe more. Later only to find out I overpaid because I was young and a little to eager and the value if ever to be a hundred dollars would be quite awhile down the road, maybe even 10 years or more, maybe 20.
    It is different for dealer than collector and even investor, very different.
    This is why on CoinTalk I always talk about truly rare semi-keys and keys coins being of course the kind of coin that "does not" walk into the shops or shows everyday. Early on I began to learn dealers body language better and their reactions could be summed up as the normal stuff or extra good stuff came into view.

    The things I have learned about a coins worth is:
    1. Availble are not, is it availible or is it not.
    2. Is it in demand.
    3. Is it needed to complete a series that is popular now.
    4. Is it rare in or above certain grades.
    5. Do dealers have them regularly even in Coin World or auctions.
    6. It is too rare, yes a coin can be too rare eleminating chances of folks ever getting one.
    7. Do you have clients/collectors wanting them.
    8. Is it priced right - lets face it coins in the $300 or $400 or less range just plain sell better.
    9. Is it a problem coin, this is a big one,cleaning, scratches, rim dings limit a coins desirability more than you may know.
    10. There are coins you can throw all the price guilds out the window because when availible they will be snached up - there is also coins that will most likley fall below (sometimes way below) all the price guilds because there are millions, (common graded Morgans in MS-63, 64 come to mind.

    One more thing and I'll shut up - do we like the "feel good" aspect a little too much sometimes when it comes to our coins because they are ours and we think they are worth xxx and do we stop to remember that?

    Get me your thoughts - a great learning tool for new and old collectors I am sure.
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  3. davemac

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    i have been asking this to myself for the last week.
    what is it that i collect that makes it more worthwhile than any other coin.
    that i cant answer but i know where your comeing from .
    why do we collect coins.i collect hopeing that we are trying to hold on to history
    so that our kids know where we came from and hopefully know where we are going.dave
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