What's been graded lately at PCGS? Answer may surprise you.

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by calcol, May 17, 2022.

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    Perhaps you don't know it, but you can see what PCGS has graded the last few weeks and the grades assigned. Just go to www.pcgs.com/shared-orders. Then click on an order number, and you'll see the coins graded and their grades. In addition, if PCGS took a pic of the coin, a thumbnail will be displayed too. You can click on individual coins to see more info. And you can see what the real grading times are because the date received and shipped is listed for each order.

    There are some spectacular coins in some orders. However, some submitters are getting an expensive lesson in grading as their orders are predominantly details grades or ungradable.

    I did a quick poll to see what's been graded the last 10 shipping days. They only ship on weekdays, so the dates are May 4 - May 17. I randomly selected an order from each shipping day to see the country of the coins. Note, this is the country of the coins, not the submitter.

    The results were: 4 orders of US coins, 3 orders of Chinese coins, and 1 order each for Great Britain, Bulgaria, and Mexico. Admittedly, this is a small sample. If someone is inclined to do a bigger study, go for it!

    There is a huge reservoir of world coins that have never been graded. Collectors of these coins are seeing the advantages of grading, so coins are pouring in to TPGs.

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    Just keep in mind orders are only there if the submitter selects share my order. There's a TON of stuff you will never see on that share my order page
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