What would you pay for these 4 coins?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by CoinKeeper, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. CoinKeeper

    CoinKeeper Keeper of Coins

    What would you pay for these 4 coins?



    Not improperly cleaned, ex-ANACS holder.


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  3. onejinx

    onejinx Junior Member

    a $1.26 ??

    I'm not sure as I don't collect those halves
  4. wheatydigger

    wheatydigger Member

    stone mountain commemorative- $70
    Columbian exposition- $50
    Barber quarter- $150
    indian head cent- $80
    All prices are based on my quite inaccurate grading scale (usually + or - 3) and my trusty 2011 redbook. I wouldn't buy any of them as they are not what I collect, but I'm just giving you what other people would probably pay.
  5. Numis-addict

    Numis-addict Addicted to coins

    You wish face value. The stone mountain I would guess is at least a 75 dollar coin, the Colombian I think is more 30ish, the barb I am clueless, and the ihc I don't know. That said, I would pay the value of the IHC, as it is the only one I would have a need for. The ideas of value from me might as well be from redbook, as I know little(on pricing).
  6. mouse

    mouse Active Member

    I'm not looking to buy any of those coins if I was I would pay $100
  7. Log Potato

    Log Potato Barberous

    I would have paid the same as you for the Indian and Columbus, but you beat me to it. ;)
  8. BUncirculated

    BUncirculated Well-Known Member

    Red Book is not trusty, but contains outdated prices in the price guide section.

    Not many people pay Red Book prices for much of anything.
  9. wheatydigger

    wheatydigger Member

    I was being sarcastic with the redbook. You are right about the other thing.
  10. LindeDad

    LindeDad His Walker.

    Not a thing online until I saw the professional grades.

    Edit to add: All of them range to much in price from AU to MS grades for buying online RAW IMO.
  11. rodeoclown

    rodeoclown Dodging Bulls

    It's still good for a ballpark figure, not exact figures though. Some or most prices on coins might not change as drastically, or they could go up or down, then fall back around the same published price. It's just always safe to check multiple sources for a more accurate median price to go with in buying a coin.
  12. mark_h

    mark_h Somewhere over the rainbow

    I am curious to the "not improperly cleaned". The barber in the photo looks cleaned - not saying it is, but the photo looks like it.
  13. jloring

    jloring Senior Citizen

    I agree Mark... looks harshly cleaned to me.
  14. CoinKeeper

    CoinKeeper Keeper of Coins

    Well, I paid $137.50 for the lot. $45 for the quarter (was an anacs xf-45 the seller originally bought for $67), $20 for the columbian, $32.50 for the IHC, and $40 for the stone mountain half. The seller said the quarter is hairlined, but not as bad as the photo shows and the coin was good enough to get slabbed. I've seen another photo and it is very lustrous and eye appealing.
  15. Stang1968

    Stang1968 Member

    Anacs will slab with "details" grades, so just because seller says it was previously holdered it doesnt mean the coin is problem free. To me, it looks like it was dipped as it's far to white for what I'd expect in a circulated silver quarter.
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