what was you best coin roll hunt?

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Noah Finney, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. NLL

    NLL Well-Known Member

    Too worn to tell. I will check again just in case. This is the reverse. Message_1463789965486.jpg
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  3. lordmarcovan

    lordmarcovan Eclectic & odd Moderator

    Hmm. Slick or not, that's an amazing roll find.
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  4. NLL

    NLL Well-Known Member

    Here is another one of my favorites. 20160827_141548.jpg 20160827_141620.jpg
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  5. BATTERup646

    BATTERup646 I'm back again

    In March, I found a 1919S Lincoln cent. It had a few other wheats in there too.
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  6. Bman33

    Bman33 Well-Known Member

    Went to credit union I wasn't a member of. Asked the teller if he had any half dollars and he said no. He then asked the other tellers and they had none. As I turned around and walked it he said wait, I have a roll and a half. He said he forgot about them and they had been there for a long time. Of course I bought them and they ended up being all silver!
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  7. Noah Finney

    Noah Finney Morgan / Gold Indian Member

    Cool Beans! :) LOL that is awesome that you found a whole entire roll of silver half's.
  8. Nathan401

    Nathan401 Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Supporter

    I found someone's collection once. 5+ rolls of 40% halves , several rolls of 1974d Halves (no ddo) and a dozen rolls or so of bicentennial halves. All rolls were labeled with a marker and cane out of a box of $500 from the bank. And get this... it was my FIRST ATTEMPT at finding silver at a bank. Beginners luck for sure!!! it was only a ouple months ago, I posted pics when it happened.
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  9. coincollector197

    coincollector197 ANA Platinum member since 12/9/15

    One box of halves which yielded a 1935 D Walker, a 1966 SMS Half, and another 40%er.
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  10. One whole roll of very pretty Roosevelt and Mercury dimes.
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  11. Birdman#33

    Birdman#33 Member

    First, full disclosure: I work at a credit union. The tellers were bagging coins one day and asked if I wanted to help as they know that I like coins. I got to the second rack of dimes and saw ten rolls wrapped from a bank that hasn't existed in 35-40 years. They were solid silver--mercuries and Roosies. It was the best $50 I have ever spent.
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  12. coinmaniac14

    coinmaniac14 Member

    Not mine, but my dad found a VF 1909-S Lincoln. Personally the best I found was probably a pretty nice 1909 VDB.
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  13. Noah Finney

    Noah Finney Morgan / Gold Indian Member

    just if they were one it would make a 1909 s VDB that would be awesome.
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  14. 180IQ

    180IQ Active Member

    I bought $1000 in mixed cents from the bank, searched them, kept the nicest ones in a book, turned in the remaining $600 of crap cents for more mixed, searched them, turned in the $400 remaining cents for more, searched them. Found a silver Roosevelt worth $2.20 and a bunch of older Lincoln, 1918 1919 1928 etc. Found a steelie, nothing in great condition, I think the most valuable cent was $20, epic week of looking at tiny coins. My head hurt so bad ;)
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  15. 180IQ

    180IQ Active Member

    Now I have 2 partial sets of Lincoln cents 1909-1982 I believe.
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  16. Jerry Reinert

    Jerry Reinert New Member

    I found a 1919 penny from a gas station roll of pennies.
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  17. DozerD

    DozerD Member

    Late Jan.2017, got 1-box dimes MWR's, with 98-silvers of (33-Rosie's, 65-Merc's). Best box prior to that was 18-silvers about 3/4 years ago. I'm still stoked with the 98-dream box.
  18. brokecoinguy

    brokecoinguy I like what I can't afford

    Found an entire roll of 40% in one roll, and the bank only had two rolls of halves - not bad.
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  19. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    I once found a 1908 Liberty Head nickel in a roll in 2011.
  20. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    My wife found a 1903 Indian Head Cent in her drawer at Target around the same time.
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