What is your journey?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by JayAg47, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. JayAg47

    JayAg47 Well-Known Member

    Mine goes like this:
    world coins-> world coins/bank notes-> mostly American and Australian coins-> silver US/Aus/world coins-> bullion stacking-> ancient coins
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  3. bradgator2

    bradgator2 Well-Known Member

    Morgans, US proof sets, pre-55 US proof sets, US type set, pre-64 Washington quarters, circling back to Morgans and fine tuning that
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  4. LaCointessa

    LaCointessa Supporter! Supporter

    Good thread idea @JayAg47
    So far, for me it goes:

    old pennies I came across in change -> finding CT and beginning to learn about coins -> ancient coin collecting -> starting to learn about errors and varieties US cents -> slow collection of world coins -> crusty ancients -> developing dry method for cleaning crusty ancients.

    My plan is to stay with cleaning ancient crusty coins, but it will depend on how hand arthritis goes. Right pinky is kicking this morning after only 1/2 hour of work on a coin. It gets stuck and has a sorta knot on the top knuckle. So, I may have to change my interest again. Like my Mother (who died two years ago today) said: "Getting old is NOT for sissies."
  5. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    Modern US (1916-1964) -> US Type (Mainly bust coinage) -> World coins (Mainly Hispanic but some Germanic/other European) -> (Just recently) Mexican Type

    I still collect everything I listed. I also do some ancients but I am not as interested in them unless they are eye appealing/historically significant. I prefer World coins when it comes to design as many countries (Mexico, Germany, UK, Italy, Russia, Spain, etc) put out many beautiful designs.

    Once I start pulling in more pieces I am going to work on a (expensive) Mexican type set, and maybe also finish my Nazi Germany type set. I'll also add a nice bust half here and there.
  6. beaver96

    beaver96 Well-Known Member

    World coins (traveling in the Navy)-> US and foreign (CRH hunting while servicing bank coin machines)-> trading junk silver for interesting bullion while selling excess silver-> buying coins for US type set and buying bullion for sets like pandas, koalas, brittanias, maple leafs. -> Still building US sets from CHR hunting bags of coin while working.
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  7. Inspector43

    Inspector43 72 Year Collector Supporter

    I like everything about that response except the news of your Mother. What would recommend (if you would) as a source of uncleaned ancients?
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  8. Inspector43

    Inspector43 72 Year Collector Supporter

    My journey started in 1948. All US coins minted for circulation. Proof and mint sets next. Then modern commemoratives and silver eagles. As those filled up I went to cleaning and identifying ancients.

    In my "for circulation" US coins I always wanted to find them in circulation. I lived in a period that allowed me to get them from circulation. Virtually any coin placed in circulation was still available at that time. And, I had a network that gave better odds to finding them. I can say that because I even got a 20 cent piece in change one day back in the 50's.

    My network is another interesting story. Too much for here.

    As far as I am concerned my collection is complete. All that are left are the very rare issues. I won't buy them.
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  9. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    55 years of Collecting:
    - Going through Grandparent's change jars growing up =>
    - Actually finding a Civil War Token in their Change... wow to me =>
    - Grabbing any silver in my change =>
    - First set of Odd Type US coinage at 9 yo purchased by cutting grass and cleaning out barns (yeah, shoveled a lotta sh.....) =>
    - Built a large Civil War Token, Hard Times Token, Odd Denominations, Fractional Currency Collection up to my mid-30's =>
    - Sold 95% of Collections for Kids and Life, also BORED with US Collecting =>
    - Since my 20's, traveled extensively globally for Business and collected my incidental other countries' change and Currencies, amassing probly 50 US pounds of miscellaneous World Coin change (many went to kids, grandkids, but still have some cool stuff) =>
    - 25 years ago began following my passion for Ancient History by capturing ancient coins / Scarabs / Historical Objects, Etc. from Critical Junctures in Human History. Some items reach back 8,000 years BCE.

    And, of course, bunch of US and World silver and gold along the way. I like intrinsic value. :)

    COIN #1 in my Collection - Found in my Grandparent's Change Jar - Ground Zero for my Passion:

    United States
    Civil War Token AE (assumed 1 Cent value)
    1863 Eagle -
    PH Carpeles & Co. Dry Goods & Groceries
    In Ex: Waterloo Wis
    Coin no 1
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  10. kountryken

    kountryken Active Member

    Lincoln cents (wheat 1909-1958), Jefferson Nickels (1938-1964), Mercury Dimes, Washington Quarters (1932-1964), Franklin Halves, and any older U.S. coins I found. All the above sets were completed, mostly from coins I found in circulation. I had to buy the 3 Lincolns, '09 S-VDB, '14 D and '31 S, '16 D Mercury, and a couple more that were common coins, but I just didn't find. Same with Quarters and Halves. Sold all of the above sets in the late '90s. Started collecting again, about 10-12 years ago. Now have Indian Cents, Lincoln Cents (through 1986), Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels (through 1985), Mercury Dimes, Roosevelt Dimes (through 1964), State Quarters and National Parks (through 2020), U.S. Type set (more common coins, i.e. less expensive, lol), and a few ancients (that I have no idea about, lol, they just "caught my eye"). Oh, I probably have 20 (?) Silver Dollars, and quite a few U.S. coins from the 1800s. I collect, strictly for the fun of it! Love CT!
  11. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Major interest to me. I remember folks finding them in change when I was a kid, but I never did. Bummed. I still have my first one that I bought when I was 9 yo. Still my favorite, just becuz.
  12. Inspector43

    Inspector43 72 Year Collector Supporter

    There was an old man who walked the alleys pushing a vegetable cart. My Mother sent me out with 50 cents and I was to buy something she said would be 25 cents. The old many gave me what he thought was a quarter in change. It happened to be a 20 cent piece. I analyzed the situation quickly in my mind. I decided to go in the house short a nickel and hope for the best. I told my Mom the issue and, as I hoped, she told me to put it in my coin collection.
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  13. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Very nice! Really like that find story.

    Did not have alleys ... :) grew up in farming outside an Indiana town pop 1200, and also worked at my Grandparents several summers in Arkansas, pop 300.
  14. Inspector43

    Inspector43 72 Year Collector Supporter

    I was very fortunate in the coin collecting environment. I had a good relationship with local Mom & Pop stores. They let me search the cash registers whenever I wanted. The bank let me sit on the floor of the vault and roll change for them. And, we had a network of other collectors my age. We met regularly in swap meetings. Never for money, just build each others collections.
  15. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Very fun!
  16. Rich Buck

    Rich Buck Yukon Cornelius

    Good Question.

    US Coins, Penny, Nickel, Dimes and Quarters mostly. Coins found in Rolls. Metal Detector Finds. Older US Coin Rolls. Culls. Older World Coins. Older US Tokens. US Banknotes. Some Bullion & Ancients. (Pretty much in that order)
    I probably missed some and I do specialize a bit but mostly I just really like the metal and thoughts of their journeys.
  17. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q Well-Known Member

    All of the above, thanks for asking.
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  18. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Lincoln Cents from circulation 1960 - Indian Cents and Type Coins (out with the Indians in the early 1970s, type coins go on for years) - Political tokens, medals, Hard Times Tokens and CWTs more or less on going. - British coins by king and queen - Imperial Roman Coins by emperor.

    Add in a couple of sets along the way.

    Indian $2.50
    BU silver Roosevelt Dime set - one time purchase
    Classic Head $2.50
    Classic Head $5.00
    Type I and Type II Gold dollars.

    CAC put and end to my U.S. coin buying. The better grade coin market is now in the hands of one man.
  19. Trish

    Trish Supporter! Supporter

    Great topic idea and interesting responses so far
    US from loose change as a kid-->adult- US sets 1850s-1960s--> South and Central Americas-->ancients (Imperial Roman)--> currently World silver and focus on Morocco, SA, CA, and am reviewing my US for errors
  20. wxcoin

    wxcoin Getting no respect for 65 years

    Three cent nickels, indian head cents, buffalo nickels, Lincoln cents, type coins, birth year sets, cats, bowling, beer, sex. OK, the last one is out of my reach these days.
  21. Bradley Trotter

    Bradley Trotter Well-Known Member

    My numismatic journey has been quite a varied one. I originally started collecting back in 2005 when my grandfather gave me several rolls of Lincoln wheat cents. Since then, my main area of focus has changed several times.

    Wheat cents-> US Coins-> Paper Money-> US Coins-> World Coins-> Paper Money-> World Coins-> Ancient coins
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