What is this??? Coin? Medal? Token? Something Else??

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by StevenHarden, Aug 10, 2018.

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    The images below are of a piece recently purchased in a collection. I am showing the piece both in and out of what appears to be the original capsule.

    NOTE: On the pictures where the piece is taken out of the capsule, it appears gold because of the lighting condition. This piece is not gold and is actually a silver color like shown in the pictures taken inside the capsule.

    I have had one person look at it and say that there are Russian markings on it, but then others that appear to be Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian, or something else. They tell me that Bank Tarkhana (supposedly a Russian bank) is shown on the bottom banner on one side. They also tell me that the date "5th July 1878" is on there (whatever significance that may have). Lastly, they said that there is an inscription that may translate to "governor's highest approval".

    This piece is a proof-quality piece and does not appear to be silver, but it is possible. Also, the diameter is approximately 42mm.

    I am wondering if this is possibly a coin, medal, token, commemorative piece, or something else entirely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    SideA_OutCapsule.jpg SideB_OutCapsule.jpg SideA_InCapsule.jpg SideB_InCapsule.jpg
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    Table medal from commemorative series of coats of arms of Russian Empire cities and provinces. Minted by Saint Petersburg (Leningrad) Mint for Bank of Tarhani, Inkombank in the 2000s. Copper nickel. Estimated price for entire set is $150. In my personal opinion each "medal" is worth $1-3.

    This is an old style cyrillics letters, does look a bit weird.

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