What is my coin worth

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, May 29, 2004.

  1. Kentucky

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    Many people really love the "Mercury Head" or Winged Liberty Head dime, myself included. The design ran from 1916 to 1945. If you buy a roll of Mercury Head dimes, you will probably find the majority of them will be from the 1940's, mostly 1944 and
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  3. Kentucky

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    oops... 1945. Unfortunately, this is worth silver value plus a little, $1.25-$1.50. Still, I like it.
  4. Halochic

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    I have a question about a coin I need an honest answer
  5. Halochic

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    Can someone please text me EDITED I have a question about a coin I need an honest answer from a coin collector

    Do not put your phone number in a post or you will get robocalls from the owners of the 40 robots that copy such information. Same for addresses , etc. Jim
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  6. Razz

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    It could also be a fishing expedition by the OP. Some texts to certain numbers will cost the person sending a text a charge just to send the text. Then they have your number and know you have collectible coins and the con game starts. Never ever call back a hang up call if you do not know the number calling you as it is the same issue. Calling certain numbers automatically costs the caller and thats how scammers make their money.

    All that said, it is possible that the OP is just naive...but I would not chance it for the reasons above.
  7. kden

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    I have an Italy 1918 double stamped 20 cent. I know this is quite common among those coins but many people have told me that this one is clearer than most they have seen. Any input on the value?

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  8. Pickin and Grinin

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    A 1918 struck over an 1895 20 cent, I think that only a buyer could answer that.
    Neat coin Kden.
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  9. kden

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    Thank you thank you. Trying to figure out just so I have an idea of the value, I don't actually want to sell it. Hard to find someone who knows enough to give me an estimate, but how much would you pay for it?
  10. Pickin and Grinin

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