What is my coin worth

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, May 29, 2004.

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    The politically correct answer is no, but the real answer is yes. Cleaned/uncleaned is determined by visual inspection, if you can't tell it has been cleaned, it hasn't. Old evidence of cleaning can be covered or negated by toning or wear.
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    TY Kentucky, PCGS gives no grade when deemed clean?
  4. Kentucky

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    Not sure, different TPGs do it in different ways.
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    If you don't "conserve" coins before TPG will lose money when selling. If you add damage while conserving, you will be harshly penalized. If you like it, do as little as you have to to end damage and be happy.
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  7. EdThelorax

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    I can't see any photos
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    Sorry i pressed post before being able to add photos now i dont know how to add them i made thread though! They are on there repeatedly because i also dont know how to delete duplicates. Website isn't the best on a mobile device
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    It is under whats it worth and is titled dont know much would appreciate any help
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    Hello I am new here could you please help me identify this coins.

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