What is a good way of getting coins without using money?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by SkullReap99, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. cpm9ball

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    Besides picking the castoffs up in parking lots of convenience stores, you can also check near the "pay" vacuum cleaning machines. You'd be surprised how many people just throw the loose change on the ground.

    One year when my Mom and I were driving to Winter Garden to visit some friends, we stopped at a convenience store near Lake Placid (FL) for a cup of coffee. I had parked close to the vacuum, and while I was smoking a cigarette, Mom spotted a few coins in the dirt. We both started looking, and we ended up collecting $2.69 in cents, nickels and dimes.

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  3. halfdfanboy

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    That the cousin of Say's law? Where supply creates it own demand? Not a bad idea though you never know who you're going to spark.
  4. halfdfanboy

    halfdfanboy Senior Member

    Thought I saw you in the food court wearing scuba gear. You bugger!
  5. Lehigh96

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    Have you ever seen the movie "Cool Hand Luke"?
  6. TheNoost

    TheNoost huldufolk

    take a penny leave a penny bins and coinstar reject area.
  7. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    How many eggs are in your wallet?

  8. Just Carl

    Just Carl Numismatist

    Question has come up several times and there is really some methods pending you. For one thing just ask your relatives for any old coins. Sometimes works and usually not.
    The best method is to find a good spot in a large city during rush hour. Sit on the ground or on a chair, pretend to play a harmonica regardless if you know how or not, place a hat of box on the ground, people will always throw some money in there. Many will throw in a few pennies for the fun of it, however, they don't realize that if thousands do that, you come out way ahead.
    Some years back a TV station interviewed some of the people that do that to see if it's worth thier time. Most didn't want to be shown on TV and for good reasons. The IRS. One person noted he sometimes makes as much as $500/day just begging for money. Many others played musical instruments and had a box full of coins. Most take out any bills right away so it doesn't look like they are making a lot or many will not add to thier piles of money. All agreed that the average person does not realize that thousands of little bits of change grows and grows and grows.
    Some of them had a kid with them. One had a dog. Some pretend to be cripled and some really are. Some just play a radio instead of a musical instrument. All make out probably better than those that work for a living.
  9. ICollectCoins

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  10. jhinton

    jhinton Well-Known Member

    You could always take coins from little kids.... they are easy targets :hammer:
  11. hontonai

    hontonai Registered Contrarian

    There's an old Gypsy recipe for rabbit stew, that starts:
    • First, steal a rabbit
    • Second, steal a pot.

    Famed Prohibition Era outlaw Willie Sutton explained his penchant for robbing banks by pointing out that "That's where the money is."

    Put those two things together, and the obvious answer to your question is
    • First, steal a gun
    • Second, visit your bank of choice.
  12. swish513

    swish513 Penny & Cent Collector

    i can see the news story now...

    local bank robbed of all coins. the robber asked for all the rolled coins and left the paper money behind. tellers are baffled saying, "it must have been a coin collector."
  13. SkullReap99

    SkullReap99 Coin Collector

    lol my brother he collects coins and he gives them to me (He sometimes takes it out of the wishing fountains). I do get about $100 on my birthday so I got money there...and randomly finding change on the ground. A classic used to do that when I was little. And taking a gun and go to bank, nah I wouldnt do that :p
  14. Tryfaen

    Tryfaen Junior Member

    roll searching, a box of pennies has 2500 pennies and if you don't keep any of them you are only out the money it cost you to make 2 trips to the bank.
  15. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    But you forgot the best part..................

    "According to the police, the robber didn't get very far. They found him in the bank parking lot in his car searching 5000 rolls of change."

  16. eteller

    eteller Junior Member

    I purposely do not use direct deposit, so I get to go to the bank twice a month to deposit/cash my check. Today the teller asked me "how would you like you're change back?" I said "I'll take those presidential dollars you have there". I got 19 AU ones today, 3 rolls of unc. ones last week.
  17. raider34

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