what if there is a nuclear war?

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by mrbrklyn, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    If they let it all fly, are your coins protected? What would happen to your coins?
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  3. vdbpenny1995

    vdbpenny1995 Well-Known Member

    melt 'em into bullets.
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  4. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    In a direct strike, they'd be ionized and finely distributed. Maybe a little weight loss due to transmutation and decay, but I'll likely not be keeping close track.
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  5. George8789

    George8789 Leaving CoinTalk for good

    The obvious answer would be to dig a super strong bomb shelter just big enough for your coins, and bring a PCGS inspector to grade your shelter at least ms67.
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    GDJMSP Numismatist Moderator

    If there was, I doubt any of us would care.
  7. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    I am - So attractive
    Now that I'm Radio Active!
  8. jatallman87

    jatallman87 I am Jay

    mrbrklyn.....you are really into the end of the world (or atleast as we know it) stuff huh?
  9. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    just trying to figure out how to protect my coins in case of a disaster.
  10. jatallman87

    jatallman87 I am Jay

    Well, in the case of a nuclear war, I doubt I will be worried about my coins. "If they let it all fly", I doubt anyone will really have time to worry about anything.
  11. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

  12. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    That is exactly why you should consider the situation now and prepare.
  13. jatallman87

    jatallman87 I am Jay

    Well, I guess I better get off the computer and start on my bomb shelter.
  14. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    don't you have a fireproof safe?
  15. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

  16. hontonai

    hontonai Registered Contrarian

    If my family and I are vaporized, or dying of radiation poisoning, I really won't care what happened/happens to my coins.
  17. coleguy

    coleguy Coin Collector

    Speak for yourselves. I'd be safe and sound, along with my valuables, in my EMP resistant nuclear powered spaceship jetting off to one of my many out of system vacation stations. I mean, since we are talking hypothetical nonsense here.
  18. roll searcher

    roll searcher coin hunter

    you better hope the PCGS inspector doesn't say your shelter is one of those "first strikes" :)
  19. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    Oh please...
    be realistic
  20. jatallman87

    jatallman87 I am Jay

    I have a few. They may somewhat protect my coins, but they won't do much to protect me.
  21. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    If you duck and cover, you increase your chances of survival about 1000 percent.
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