What do scale weights and the Jackson 5 have in common?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by rrdenarius, Jul 11, 2019.

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    A package of scale weights arrived today. It was a long wait for the weights due to export papers. In hand, 3 of the 5 weights match ones in my reference books. One of the weights has a size & letter combination I do not find (AR). Another weight was listed as a plumb bob, but I think the acorn was part of a Steelyard scale.
    In the picture above, L to R, top to bottom:
    • Quadrans, 73.25 grams; 34X33X8mm; 3 ounces, Γ· Γ; (81.9 grams std per Bendall1)
    • Sextans, 45.75 grams; 30.5X29.5X6.5mm; 2 ounces, Γ Β; (54.6 grams std per Bendall)
    • Uncia, 26.53 grams; 24.5 dia X 7.5 mm tall; 1 ounce, Γ A; (27.2 grams std per Bendall)
    • Uncia, 27.53 grams; 22 wide X 8.2 tall mm; 1 ounce, A R; (letters not in Bendall, Hendin2 or Kisch3)
    • Roman Acorn Weight, 136 grams; 52 mm tall with 27 mm diameter cap and 23 mm diameter nut
    The Byzantine weights use Greek letters for weight:
    • Greek letter C: Γ or 3
    • Greek letter Β: B or 3
    • Greek letter A: A or 1
    • I have no clue what A R means in Byzantine scale weights. Anyone here know when the letter R was first used?

    ABC by The Jackson 5
    A B C, easy as one, two, three
    Go figure the Jackson 5 knew scale weights.

    You can read more about them on my blog - http://rrdenarius.blogspot.com/

    acorn steelyard scale weight timeline may 2019.jpg
    Byzantine Bronze Weights .5to3 oz timeline 6.2.19.jpg
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    The last picture with the pink background certainly does look like a plumb bob. It must be really old though . I am going to read your link now . Excellent additions to you collections. dillan
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    I think they meant 'Sponge Bob'.....

    I'll go stand in the corner. devil.gif
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    Really nice acquisitions, congrats! :happy:
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