What are your 2019 collecting goals?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by ValiantKnight, Jan 1, 2019.

  1. Hispanicus

    Hispanicus Stand Fast!


    I’ve had the three following goals floating around in my mind lately, none of which are coin specific, but related more to collecting and organizing my collection in general:

    1. Start posting again on Coin Talk. Work has been crazy busy and I need to set aside time for this since the feedback and conversations are enjoyable, especially with members sharing their knowledge.

    2. Cataloguing coins I’ve been buying in the last year so that they can be relocated into organized boxes of related coins.

    3. Pick up more books on ancients, specifically Roman Republican coins, which have piqued my interest of late.

    I will still be buying ancients, but that is an ongoing addiction...
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  3. Chris B

    Chris B Supporter! Supporter

    My biggest goal this year is to spend less than last year. This will be a year for better collection management, update photos and research.

    I'm sure I will still be looking at Ptolemic bronzes and silvers as they come up.
  4. Dafydd

    Dafydd Supporter! Supporter

    My coin resolutions for 2019.
    Cataloguing coins and improving my photography. After reading previous threads I am trialling the Coin Organizer Deluxe software at the moment, my Excel aspirations came to naught.
    Replace my 12 Caesars Claudius with a silver coin so I will have a complete set of silver coins.
    Spend a lot more time comparing potential purchases with fake coin reports on the Forum Ancient Coin site and others. I had some bad experiences when I started collecting Ancients and was lucky to be reimbursed. I've read a lot of books now bolstered by the erudite and generous postings on this site and confident that I have a hobby for life now, shame it took more than 50 years to arrive at this happy point in life.
  5. David@PCC

    David@PCC allcoinage.com

    Probably not finish but at least make my Seleucid identification website live which will help everyone with what is this questions. Complete the 'persecution issues' mystery/chronology now that I almost have all of them. Other than that purchase higher quality coins that I find interesting.
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  6. Numisnewbiest

    Numisnewbiest Well-Known Member

    My 2019 goal is to eventually receive the coin I bought that was sent on December 21st. I won't buy from a European seller again if this is typical.
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  7. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    You should not blame the European dealer/ auction firm. The problem is either with slow mail service or....customs. Best way to avoid this, tell dealer/ auctionhouse to send coins via "neutral" reg. letter/ no customs hassles/ theft/ import redtape....
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  8. Numisnewbiest

    Numisnewbiest Well-Known Member

    Thanks, and sorry...I'm just frustrated. All this waiting is wearing out the excitement I had for getting the coin. It's nothing special, not rare, nothing like that, so it's not as big a deal as I'm letting it be. First-time overseas purchase, so it's a new process for me.
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  9. Gavin Richardson

    Gavin Richardson Well-Known Member

    I live in Tennessee. I give European purchases at least 30 days before I get nervous. Only once have I not received that purchase. Christmastime is especially slow.
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  10. panzerman

    panzerman Well-Known Member

    I went thru long waits....

    One time a auction firm forgot to send my coin, which I had paid for three months earlier. I forgot too! Had a lot of coins coming from many different auction houses.
    Then, 3 months later I received a very nice e-mail from the auction firm:), apologizing for their mistake. Long story short, I got my coin (AV FDC Solidus Constantius II)....five days later, better late then never, plus did not get dinged at customs. Then there was the one and only case, the coin went MIA:inpain: CNG sent my FDC Aureus Trajan Decius via reg. letter, but added the value/ description, someone in customs:yuck: likely stole it. Case was never solved....go one for Robert Stack's/ "unsolved mysteries"....but he is no longer with us.:(
    PS: I am hopeing to finally get my MS Trajan Decius in 2019;)
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  11. FitzNigel

    FitzNigel Medievalist Supporter

    I won and paid for a coin at an American auction house in early December that still hasn’t arrived. Maybe 5 days after the auction, I bought some coins from France that arrived on the 28th. Let’s call it a 2 week turnaround from France, but about to be a month from just a couple states away. I wouldn’t blame the wait solely on it coming from Europe.
  12. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    I'm still waiting on a coin from a November 7th auction. The holdup has been the export license, a problem which is happening more often now. I don't think the coin has shipped yet so it's probably still at least a couple of weeks away.
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  13. Clavdivs

    Clavdivs Supporter! Supporter

    I plan on catching up on (and improving) photography.. working on a binder with write ups on my "special" coins... and other documentation for flips, etc.

    My main collecting goal for 2019 is an Adoptive Emperor Sestertii set. Will have to be of middling quality - would not want to outshine the rest of my collection ..:happy:.

    Really looking forward to the hunt!!
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  14. Numisnewbiest

    Numisnewbiest Well-Known Member

    Well, naturally, as soon as I whine about the time waiting for this coin, it showed up today. I'm not proud of my impatient tone here, and I admire the patience you all show when you have a coin somewhere out there in "the system".
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  15. Smojo

    Smojo dreamliner

    Mine us simple, get more han I did last year.
    I want to add at least one or two from my want list.
    Add more Greek, (Carthage Punic era, Macedon, etc...) and Roman Republican. Oh and more empresses .
    And definitely more literature to my library.
    I'm on track to spend most of my coin budget before the end of the month if all my bids hold up, but all go with my above list.
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  16. Yorkshire

    Yorkshire Well-Known Member

    I'm stepping away from world coins now and heading towards ancient think I've found what I'm into now.

    By the end of 2019 I want to have a nice alexander the great and a nice Julius Caesar coin and some other pieces
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  17. Carausius

    Carausius Brother, can you spare a sestertius?

    I meant to add one more goal for the year:
    • Continue to build an online presence for my collection. So far, I've been doing this in the galleries on FORVM's website. I think it's important that we collectors share our collections online in a scholarly way - with good photos, weights etc. My growing gallery is here: http://www.forumancientcoins.com/gallery/index.php?cat=34967
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  18. happy_collector

    happy_collector Well-Known Member

    More Roman empresses. A great idea. I should add that to my 2019 list as well. :cat:
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  19. jamesicus

    jamesicus Supporter! Supporter

    Re-write my web pages (about 50% complete as of this date) - update the attributions for the coins in my collection - read more about the historical association of my coins - celebrate my 90th birthday on August 28th this year.
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  20. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping to finally add the Crispus campgate from Constantinople this year. I also hope to have a more productive coin year than last and to contribute more on CT.
  21. randygeki

    randygeki Coin Collector

    I think I'll still focus on FH but maybe dial it down a little. idk :p
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